How to Build a Cheap and Easy Raised Vegetable Garden Bed | Rocky Hedge Farm

Today, I am sharing some photos and a video as the children and I spend a day in the garden. We built a few new raised garden vegetable beds, a new raised flower bed, spread mulch and pulled weeds. Join us for a day in the garden!


This ranch dressing recipe is so easy to make, and taste so much better than store bought! The recipe uses simple ingredients with no long words that you can’t pronounce, and it is free from preservatives.

Raised Vegetable Garden Tour - Late Spring | Rocky Hedge Farm

It is late Spring here at Rocky Hedge Farm and of course, that means a lot of gardening, flower planting, and so much more outside activities are going on. I built raised vegetable garden beds last year, added a few perennials but I have plans for a lot more this year.

How to Sew a Japanese Style Cross Back Apron

I recently took a sewing class and learned how to make this Japanese style, linen cross back apron. With just a few supplies and simple sewing tutorial, you can also learn how easy it is to make this apron.

Have you been following along with this wild journey of ours? I shared the beginning of this process in a post called Property Clean Up - Phase 1, and if you are following me on Instagram then I am sure you have seen some of the things that we have found.

How to Keep Lilacs Fresh Longer | Rocky Hedge Farm

Lilacs are one of the first flowering bushes in our area and I enjoy gathering Lilacs to make arrangements to place in the rooms of our home. I also love the way they fill the house with their delightful scent. They never last long but with a few simple tips I have learned I how I can keep fresh cut Lilac branches in our home.

I love having a cut flower garden and this year I am adding Cosmos to my cut garden beds. I have read that they are profuse annual bloomers that are perfect for the cottage garden. They are known as very easy flowers to grow from seed and will last long through the summer until the first frost.

Sourdough Carrot Cupcakes | Rocky Hedge Farm

I have a huge love for all things sourdough so when I recently started craving carrot cake, I went into the kitchen and began to experiment with a few recipes. What I ended up with was a very moist, delicious, easy carrot cupcake recipe made with sourdough.

Property Clean Up Phase 1

We recently purchased property that adjoins our current farm area, and we have a lot of clean up to do. However, with determination and a vision in mind, we know how beautiful this area can be.