Double Wide Mobile Home Curb Appeal

Driving past our home before we owned it was quite a place to behold and it wasn't because it had curb appeal. Our yard resembled more of a junk yard on a small scale and so when we purchased the property we had a lot of work to do on not just the interior but the exterior as well.

double wide exterior before

The above photo is not the entire before as we had already done some work in gathering brush and getting the properties grass somewhat mowed down. The former tenants apparently didn't have stairs and so we borrowed the ones in the photos for a time until we could build a deck. Do you see the huge bucket of KILZ? Yes, we used that all through out this home before we ever moved in!

double wide exterior before
mobile home exterior before

I cringe looking back at these photos and I just can not believe that people lived in such a filthy place. The amount of trash that was in and around this building would have made you believe you were purchasing a junk yard. A lot of time spent using a magnet to pick up nails, hand picking glass off the ground and more trash bags of trash than I ever care to remember were gathered from this space.

before and after exterior double wide

This past summer we rented what we needed in order to tear the building down. It was a two day job and I am thankful that we have it done for the most part. This is where we now park our vehicles and more updates will happen this spring hopefully as I get a chance to landscape some more.

potting shed garden shed she shed

Building a potting shed was one of the first exterior projects that I created. With the help of my brother this building was built only using reclaimed items. It has had several looks through out the seasons and I always enjoy planting around it each year.

garden shed potting shed window box flowers

The newest project around our home is the small garden pond that I built last year. This project has brought so much joy while we sit on the deck and enjoy the sound of running water, dragonflies buzzing about and even watching the birds bath in the waterfall.

garden pond fish pond koi pond
double wide exterior tour

I really enjoy using unique pieces for the garden to add texture and interest. I also can not hardly pass up a good terra cotta pot and often stack them in piles and will often plant in them as well. Old metal wheels and galvanized buckets are a favorite for placing in the flower gardens.

farmhouse porch washtub planter fern galvanized planter

We still have a very long to do list but sometimes the inside of the home takes priority over the exterior. At the top of the to do list is painting the deck this year and I hope to accomplish that this spring. Stay tuned for updates.

farmhouse porch galvanized planter metal chair wash tub planter


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