Wood and White Kitchen Home Essentials

My favorite way to decorate a home is to keep it simple, neutral, functioning and yet beautiful. When I browse farmhouse kitchens on Pinterest I am always drawn to those that are minimal but yet have all that they need to create a delicious home cooked meal or yummy sweet treat. 

Wood and White Farmhouse Kitchen Collection

Small Butter Crock/Small Wooden Measuring Spoons/Wire Basket/Long Handled Wooden Measuring Spoons/White Crock/Stoneware Bowl/Mixing Bowls

(the image of the spatula in the photo above belongs to Klipnocky Wood Shop. The item sold so I linked another option lower in the post)

I love using white and wood in the kitchen. White helps in keeping the kitchen looking fresh and clean and it's always easy to accessorize throughout the different seasons of the year. In my earlier years of setting up our kitchen I would buy the cheapest kitchen accessories and they would never last very long. I now try to purchase items like stoneware for our kitchen because I know it will last for a very long time. However you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful accessorized kitchen so join me today for some online shopping in all sorts of price ranges for your beautiful kitchen!

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Every home cook needs a nice set of mixing bowls. I personally prefer glass or stoneware bowls because they are nonreactive, which means that it won't chemically affect the taste, color, or texture of the food. Purchasing a set of nesting bowls makes them much easier to store and I have to say that I love stoneware mixing bowls. There is something to appreciate about the quality and how long these bowls will last. While they are a little more cost up front I personally believe that they are worth it. 

These stone ware bowls shown below come in three different sizes 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch. While you have to purchase these bowls individually I do think they are worth it. They are also made here in the states and that is always something I appreciate. This would be a great collection to last for generations. These are on my wish list!

Stoneware Mixing Bowl

Stoneware crocks come in all sizes and colors but I really like the look of these 1 gallon and 2 gallon Ohio Stoneware crocks. They are ideal for sitting on the counter to hold utensils and even taller kitchen items like rolling pins. 

stoneware crock.jpg

Wooden serving utensils add a touch of wood and warmth to any kitchen style. Over the past few years I have slowly switched over to more handmade wooden utensils to cook and serve with. They look beautiful stored in crocks on the counter where they are within easy reach as you cook. It's not always cheap to purchase quality handmade products but they last a very long time and you get the satisfaction of knowing your shopping to support another family. 

wood spoon 2.jpg

I love having baskets and bins in the kitchen. They are useful for many things and these wire baskets are a great size because it can be hard to find a longer basket with a width that will fit on most shelves. They come in a large, medium and small size. These baskets will do that and they are ideal for storing linen towels on a shelf or use them in the pantry for holding produce or other items.

wire basket.jpg

As I seek to go to a more sustainable and waste free lifestyle, I have given up many of the modern "scrub" tools. Many of them are filled with chemicals, non-biodegradable plastic and harmful synthetic dyes. A more earth friendly option is wood scrubbing brushes and they also look good stored on the edge of a sink or even in a small crock on the counter. I linked up a new brush below that I don't currently own and it's called a flowerpot brush. I seen it and immediately thought it would be good for cleaning my cast iron collection

wood dish brush.jpg
wood dish brush 1.jpg
wood brush dish.jpg

So what else do I keep on my kitchen shelf? I have a glass lemon juicer that is very good for getting the juice out of any of my citrus fruits. I love that it has a measuring glass cup where the juice goes in. This is helpful when I am making fresh lemonade in the summer. I also have a mortar and pestle set. I garden and use a lot of fresh herbs. After I hang and dry my herbs I use the mortar and pestle set to grind them smaller. I then store them in jars in our kitchen pantry or use them right away for cooking. I also keep a set of metal measuring spoons, a honey dipper and a tea infuser spoon in a small crock.  My current kitchen wish list includes these wooden measuring spoons. They are simply beautiful and would look great in a white crock as would this longer handled pair of wood measuring spoons

At the very top of the wish list for the kitchen is this beautiful set of wooden measuring spoons! I think they just might make me want to be in the kitchen more than I already am and they would for sure add a stunning element to a kitchen shelf. When I see an item like this I think of a high quality family heirloom.

wooden measuring spoons.jpg

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