The Kitchen Space Before and Current

The kitchen in our double wide is a good size. That is one of the things that sold me on this home. There were plenty of cabinets and that was important for this family of 6. The former owners never cleaned or so it seemed which means that I had a lot of scrubbing to do in order to even think about moving in. This photo below was taken after some much needed cleaning and before we took out the fridge that they left full of rotten food. YUCK!

Double Wide Kitchen Remodel
Double Wide Kitchen Remodel

The former owners apparently thought that the fluorescent lights on the ceiling would be a great touch and those were one of the first items removed from the home after the nasty fridge. The wallpaper was not lovely in the slightest way. Torn, ripped and stained I simply painted over the top of it.

double wide remodel

This is a current view of our space. This past fall I took all the upper cabinets down and added the DIY shelf for all my jars. I never got around to doing a wall treatment or even painting over the fridge. I am glad that I didn't now that this entire wall will be transformed within the next 8 weeks.

Double Wide Kitchen Remodel

The only thing that will be staying at this point is the kitchen island. I love the function of this piece and the storage that it provides for our space. Stay tuned as demo starts soon!
Phase 1 of the tear out and the rebuild
Phase 2 of the pantry build
Adding light to the pantry

double wide kitchen remodel

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