Farmhouse Style Kitchen Island Light

I am one who loves the hunt for unique pieces in our home. Lighting is no different and if I can find a great bargain then I really get excited. I recently took two different lighting pieces from two different stores, and combined them to get one great farmhouse style light for above our kitchen island.

DIY Kitchen | Dining Room Farmhouse Lighting

I purchased the Portfolio 36 in Bronze Hardwired Mini Pendant from Lowes and the Metal Lampshade from Michaels. You can find them online or in the lighting section of the store. My husband hung the mini pendants for me and I got to do the rest of the work.

How To Make Your Own Farmhouse Pendant Lighting

The first thing that I did was spray paint all the pieces so that they would match and then I let them dry.

Once the pieces are dry, unscrew the white piece on the hanging pendants. Put the shade on the hanging pendant part and then screw the white piece back on. You know have beautiful farmhouse lighting on a budget!

DIY Farmhouse Style Kitchen Light

Farmhouse Pendant Lighting

This area of our home is very difficult to photograph but it gives you an idea of what lights we have over our dining room table and the pendants as they hung before being adorned with their perfect shades.

DIY Farmhouse Style Hanging Pendant for the Fixer Upper Kitchen | Rocky Hedge Farm
DIY Farmhouse Style Lighting on a Budget | Rocky Hedge Farm

Fixer Upper Light Fixture

The lighting in our dining room and kitchen are now closely alike but yet still different. The dining room lights were purchased from a little shop that sells all sorts of various hardware pieces and they were only $6.00 each. They are still some of my all time favorite finds.

DIY Farmhouse Lighting Kitchen

Budget Friendly Farmhouse Lighting

Sometimes waiting and hunting for the item that you really want is worth the wait. I am super happy with how these two items worked out to be the perfect match for our home.

We have several major projects coming up that I can't wait to share with you and one of them includes all the details of the newly painted table and chairs. We will also be purchasing hardwood flooring this week. So much going on and I am ready to get this home one step closer to completion. So please look past the mess in the background. Sometimes sharing a little completed area helps me realize we are making progress.

Thanks for following along!

DIY Farmhouse Style Lighting Vintage Look