Rustica Hardware Sliding Barn Door for Walk In Pantry

The kitchen is the heart of our home as I am sure it is for many other families. Something about food has a way of bringing us all together. Our most recent update to the kitchen is a very exciting one for me. A walk-in pantry!

Creating a Farmhouse Pantry in a Modular Home
double wide trailer kitchen remodel

Before we could ever move into our home we had a lot of cleaning up to do. The previous owners left it in a state of disaster.
The above photo shows what it looked like after much scrubbing.
The home did have a small pantry area which you can see in the photo below.

double wide kitchen pantry remodel

This pantry area was very small and somewhat in a terrible location.
It took up quite a bit of our floor space and it was one of the first things that we removed before ever moving into our home.

double wide kitchen makeover remodel

To put in the new walk in pantry all the cabinetry on the far wall was removed.
The refrigerator in the photo was gone before we ever moved in and our new fridge was moved to the wall where the old pantry was located.
The removal of the cabinets was an easy process and so my son and I tackled that project before the new walls began going up.

farmhouse kitchen remodel makeover

After tearing out the cabinets and the sheet rock on the back wall this was the view from our living room.
The new pantry wall will span a length of 9 feet going across this entire wall and meeting up next to our laundry room door.

double wide trailer kitchen remodel makeover

In the above image you can see that the wall framing has been done.
I have teamed up with Rustica Hardware and one of their amazing sliding barn doors will be going where you see the framed area for a door.
The area that you can see behind the wall is our laundry room area.

walk in pantry double wide remodel kitchen
shiplap kitchen pantry wall double wide remodel

Most of the main living area in our home has shiplap on the walls and I chose to use it again for the front of the pantry wall.
We use actual shiplap boards which are very easy to install.

walk in pantry shiplap barn door kitchen
Creating a walk-in pantry for a kitchen in a double wide trailer home

It comes as no surprise to those that know me but the shiplap walls will all be painted white.
The next step was the process of building the barn door and getting it hung.
One of the things that I loved about Rustica Hardware was the personal customer service when it came to ordering the door. They answered all my questions and were so helpful in the process of making choices. I can assure you that they have a style you will love!
They have many options for door styles, colors, and hanger choices.
Everything came so well packaged and included detailed instructions with photos.
You can check out the video to show the process of putting the barn door together.

Stop by Rustica Hardware to see their amazing selection because I promise there is a perfect style for your home.
Thanks for stopping by! The final reveal is coming soon!

You can now click here for the reveal and here for an updated look at this space.