Dining Room Update with Hardwood Flooring

We finally have hardwood floors in our kitchen and dining room area.
I am so happy to finally have beautiful flooring to walk on and better yet I get to sweep a really smooth surface.
It's the little things that make me happy!
So let's take a look back at the very before of this space.

double wide mobile home remodel renovation

When we moved in the dining room had carpet and the kitchen had linoleum.
The previous owners had animals in the home and so we ripped out all carpet and linoleum and then painted the floors.

double wide remodel painted floors
double wide remodel dining room painted floors

The above photo was taken just before we moved the table and hutch out of this space.
Living on the painted floors hasn't been terrible but I was looking forward to having actual hardwood floors.
We chose to go with a local company called Vermillion Hardwood Flooring out of Springfield Missouri.
The staff has been incredible to work with and they have such a large selection of beautiful hardwood flooring options.
We chose to go with unfinished white oak flooring that we sanded and finished.
The difference this has made in our home has been amazing.
We love walking on a smooth surface and it is so much easier to keep clean.

double wide remodel with hardwood flooring

The original plan was to hire someone to come in and put all of the flooring down for us.
However we decided that after watching several videos and reading about the installation process that we would do it ourselves.
It wasn't difficult and there is satisfaction in knowing that we were able to do it ourselves.
We will be continuing to lay the exact same flooring throughout the entire home over the next couple of months.


The to do list keeps shrinking in the section of our long remodel project and I am happy about that.
Getting the flooring down was an important step in the remodel process and I am thankful to have this space finished.
On the to do list for the dining room...
New window
Refinishing the ceiling
Finding the perfect boxes/baskets for the bottom section of the hutch
I will have more photos soon as I will be sharing the other side of this room where we just installed the sliding barn door from Rustica Hardware.
Thanks for stopping by!

double wide remodel farmhouse style dining room
farmhouse spring table