Natural Dresser Makeover

I recently came upon this dresser that had been left in an old building. I called the owner and asked if I could have it. Never hurts to ask, right? I was told I could and I am so glad that I chose to save this beautiful old piece of furniture.

Natural Sanded Dresser Makeover

When I picked it up it was in very bad shape. The sides were falling apart but I knew that if I could get it home and take it apart then I could probably save it.

natural sanded dresser makeover

Once I got it home I took the top off and started to repair the sides and get them secured before putting the top back on. I had to remove a lot of old nails and many spider webs.

natural sanded dresser makeover
natural sanded dresser makeover

I was so pleased at how it all came back together. It was worth saving especially after I took the time to sand it down to the original wood grain.

natural sanded dresser makeover
sanded natural dresser makeover

This was such an easy makeover! Just a lot of time to put it back together and a good sanding was all it took to make this beauty shine again. I still need to find handles for it and will be doing a linseed oil finish. Stay tuned for those updates.

Dresser Makeover.jpg

Sarah Blankenship

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