The Kitchen Pantry

We have had our sliding barn door up for just a little over a month and I am happy to say that we love it just as much now as the day it was hung. I recently finished a before post with all the photos of this space and if you would like to check that out then head on over to this post. So, since I know you are here to see photos I will just get straight to the reveal.

This space has since been updated and you can see the changes here.

Farmhouse kitchen pantry with sliding barn door
Sliding barn door in a farmhouse style kitchen

How lovely is this door? I can't get over how beautiful it is. Our sliding barn door was provided by Rustica Hardware which is also where all of the hardware for the track came from as well. Putting everything together was easy with all the detailed instructions. The door slides smoothly to open and close which is a big plus in our home. With 6 people sliding the door through out the day, it sees a lot of opening and closing.

Rustica Hardware Sliding Barn Door Pantry Reveal
Sliding Barn Door Rustica Hardware Farmhouse Pantry

The inside of the pantry is another favorite area of mine. I chose to store all the food items like can goods and such towards the back of the pantry. Those items are never pretty to look at and we don't have that much anyway when it comes to quick foods because I cook almost everything from scratch. So, that is why these next few photos are so important to me.

Farmhouse Style Organized Pantry

For several years now I have made huge attempts to feed our family healthy foods and my pantry seems to grow quite often with a new jar for a new product. Having a place to organize all of my baking needs was a huge want in my life. Having a sliding barn door to open to see all of the pretty jars and labels makes my heart pretty happy. I love the organization!

Hanging Cast Iron Skillets on Hooks in Farmhouse style Pantry
Rustica Hardware Sliding Barn Door Pantry in Farmhouse Kitchen

I often get asked where the items in the photos come from so I will be linking those below. Please take a moment to visit Rustica Hardware and see the amazing and affordable options that they carry for sliding barn doors and hardware. You will be love the quality of their products and the incredible customer service.  They are an amazing company to work with!

Rustica Hardware Sliding Barn Door

The cast iron hooks that my skillets hang on are from a family based company called, Axe and Anvil. Jordan and his wife live on a beautiful homestead in Tennessee and make all of their products by hand in their shop or home.

Hanging Cast Iron Skillet Hooks
Farmhouse Pantry Style Organized Jars with labels

I love having an organized pantry and if you want more details on all the sources for this space, then check out this post on pantry organization.

The video below shows the process of hanging our barn door. I would love for you to take a moment to watch the process!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope that you have enjoyed the final reveal. If you have any questions please let me know in the comments!


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