All Natural DIY Sunscreen

Fair skin and many many freckles is what my skin looks like and guess what? I love the sun! For many years I have spent so many hours in the sun and unfortunately I have burnt and I also spent time in a tanning bed. I do not believe that the sun is bad because it provides the Vitamin D for our body that we need however burning is not a wise thing. Now that I am older, I am visiting the dermatologist on a regular basis and have had quite a few spots removed. I have been very cautious about what goes on my body and therefore I have avoided the chemicals that is found in most traditional sunscreens. I have tried this recipe out several times on myself and I feel that I can finally share knowing that it has worked for me.

DIY All Natural Sunscreen

DIY All Natural Sunscreen

1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup shea butter
1/4 cup beeswax
1/4 coconut oil
1/4 cup non nano zinc oxide
1/4 cup cocoa butter
10 drops lavender essential oil
10 drops carrot seed essential oil

DIY all natural sunscreen

Begin by gathering all of your supplies. I chose to use one jar so that all my ingredients were in one container and I wasn't using more dishes than necessary. So first put all ingredients, except zinc oxide and the essential oils, in a glass jar.

I make my own kind of double boiler since I don't have one. I placed about half a pot of water on the stove and then placed a colander in the pot. I then added my jar of ingredients to the center of the colander and allowed it all to melt. Just bring the ingredients to a point where they are all melted.

Once all the ingredients are melted, remove from heat and allow to cool. Then add the zinc oxide and essential oils. I left mine on the counter and continued whisking several times throughout the day. It will become a white creamy beautiful sunscreen. This sunscreen is thick and is best applied in a thin layer.

DIY all natural sunscreen

I purchase my essential oils from Hopewell Essential Oils. I have researched many other oil companies and through talking with Linda I am confident in their oils and they are not an oil company that you have to buy into. I have purchased for several years from this company and I am not paid or compensated to say anything about them. I just love their products and the prices are extremely fair. You can read about them here and there statement of quality is as follows:

Statement of Quality

Hopewell Essential Oils insists on using only the finest quality, pure essential oils available because we expect them to be used therapeutically. We select Certified Organic, Organic (same as certified organic except not certified), Wild Crafted (self-propagating, uncultivated, grown and harvested by hand in the wild), and ethically farmed essential oils. Hopewell Essential Oils are GC/MS analyzed and pesticide free. Our essential oils are subjected to rigorous mass spectrometry and gas chromatography testing to ensure exact composition and activity. We believe our oils are among the safest and most beneficial essential oils available.

Our essential oils are GC/MS analyzed for quality assurance and meet strict aroma and analytical requirements before they are accepted for purchase. Analysis of Gas Chromatographs (GC) provides valuable information about the nature of the pure essential oils that we purchase from around the world. GC's usually vary from batch to batch due to climate conditions and location in which the plant was grown and harvested. While we recognize that conditions and GC's may vary, there is a standard of value that each oil must meet to pass the "test" of highest quality and effectiveness.
Click here to read Quality is Essential

Hopewell Essential Oils Lavender Carrot Seed

I am extremely grateful for essential oils and all natural products as an option for our skin care products. I love knowing that what is put on our skin is not toxic to our bodies. I would love to know if you try this!

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DIY non toxic sunscreen all natural
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