How to Dry and Preserve Sunflowers

How to Easily Dry and Preserve Sunflowers for Decor

How to Dry Sunflowers for Autumn #farmhousefall #naturalfalldecor #autumn #sunflowers

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Tips for Drying Sunflowers to use in Natural Fall and Autumn Decor #farmhousefall #farmhousedecorating #farmhouseautumndecor

Our youngest daughter has a love of gardening and earlier this summer she asked about planting Sunflowers in the garden. We were at the store one day when she spotted the spinning rack of seeds and I let her pick out her favorite packet of seeds. With a smile on her face and joy in her heart she just couldn't hardly wait to get home and plant her seeds. 

How to Dry Sunflower Heads to use in Fall Decorating

With great anticipation she planted the seeds and then spent time each day caring for them. They began to grow taller and taller and she would come tell me everyday how they had grown and how they would soon be blooming. When the stalks were full of large vibrant yellow sunflowers she would go out and clip them off for bouquets in the home. We have had many mason jars filled with a little bit of "sunshine" scattered through out our home the last several weeks. 

How to Preserve Sunflowers for DIY Decor

When the sunflower heads began to droop I knew that I wanted to preserve them for use in our Autumn décor. I love using natural elements to decorate and I knew that the dried heads of the sunflowers would be perfect. I was surprised to find out that the drying process was very easy. 

How to Dry and Preserve Sunflowers for Decorating. Sunflowers are great decor for fall that are cheap or near free.

To dry the sunflowers I simply wrapped the stem with some jute twine and hung them on my peg rack to dry. When the leaves had a crunchy feel to them and the yellow petals could easily be pulled off I knew that the flowers had dried. 

How to Preserve Sunflowers for Decorating

Once the sunflowers are dry you can clip the heads off to use in your décor. These are wonderful to tuck into any fall décor like a gathered fall wreath or use them as bowl fillers. You could also choose to leave the stems on and use them as dried flower arrangements. So many various uses and I love that I can enjoy them for more than just a few days in a mason jar vase. 

How to Dry Sunflowers for use in Natural Autumn and Fall Home Decor

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