How to Dry Sunflowers

How to Easily Dry and Preserve Sunflowers

Sunflowers are grown for their beautiful large yellow, orange flowers that are bloom from summer to autumn. They come in a variety of sizes from short plants that are only 14-16 inches and then the large sizes that can be up to 15 feet. Sunflowers make excellent cut flowers but they can also be dried and preserved to use in dried sunflower arrangements.

How to Dry Sunflowers for Autumn #farmhousefall #naturalfalldecor #autumn #sunflowers
How to Dry Sunflower Heads to use in Fall Decorating
How to Preserve Sunflowers for DIY Decor
How to Preserve Sunflowers for Decorating

How to Dry Sunflowers

  • Pick Sunflowers with a long stem on a day that is dry when the blooms are free from dew. It is best to use sunflowers with a small to medium size head.

  • Select flowers that have just recently opened and that have no damage to the petals.

  • Tie a string around the long stem and hang the sunflower upside down to dry in a dark place.

  • It takes about two weeks for the sunflowers to dry. Once they are dry, you can use them in dried floral arrangements. You can also cut the stem off and use them as bowl fillers or on a floral wreaths.

  • The flowers will dry to a more dull color than the bright yellow that the flower first started with. I was making drying mine to use in a dried natural floral wreath and so I took the petals and stems off.

How to Dry Sunflowers

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