Drop Cloth Covered Couch Cover

A simple 15 minute project that completely updates your couch or sofa using drop cloth as a cover. This no sew project is an easy way to transform your space in a budget friendly way.

DIY Drop Cloth Covered Couch Cover | Cheap Way to Cover a Couch | Rocky Hedge Farm

No Sew Drop Cloth Couch Cover

There really isn't anything wrong with our couches. I just wanted a lighter look and didn't want to spend the several thousands of dollars to get one by purchasing new furniture. Nor did I want to buy slipcovers and have to hassle with getting them on and off especially with reclining couches. I purchased two packages of canvas drop cloth and came home to makeover my couch and loveseat.

DIY Cheap Drop Cloth Covered Couch Cover | Rocky Hedge Farm

How to Cover a Couch With Drop Cloth

I laid the drop cloth out on the couch and they centered it the best I could. Now here comes the real detailed part.....just start pushing it into the cushions on the couch until you have the look you want. I told you...real detailed right??

How to Cover a Couch and Sofa with Drop Cloth | Budget Friendly Cheap Couch Cover | Rocky Hedge Farm

Just keep working until you have it how you want it. It truly is easy so don't over think the situation.

This was such a super easy project that totally transformed the way the room looks. The best part is when they get dirty they can easily be taken off washed and dried, then put back on.

Easy DIY Couch Cover that is Cheap and Budge Friendly | Rocky Hedge Farm

Our family room is under going a big transformation with new hardwood floors and finally getting all the trim in place. Adding these super simple drop cloth couch covers was just a small project that made a big difference.

Cheap Drop Cloth Covered Couch Cover to Transform and Update Your Living Space | Rocky Hedge Farm

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