Fresh Wreaths for the Christmas Holiday

Fresh Wreaths for the Christmas Holiday

The festivity of the seasons is upon us and I have been spending some time thinking about my holiday decor for the season. I walked into a certain home decor store this evening and walked out empty handed. There was a lot of holiday decor in vibrant colors and lots of glitz and glamour in the form of all kinds of glitter and shimmer. That's just not my style and so I came home to gather up some more natural ideas which are more my style. 

Wood and White Kitchen Home Essentials

My favorite way to decorate a home is to keep it simple, neutral, functioning and yet beautiful. When I browse farmhouse kitchens on Pinterest I am always drawn to those that are minimal but yet have all that they need to create a delicious home cooked meal or yummy sweet treat. 

Wood and White Farmhouse Kitchen Collection

Small Butter Crock/Small Wooden Measuring Spoons/Wire Basket/Long Handled Wooden Measuring Spoons/White Crock/Stoneware Bowl/Mixing Bowls

(the image of the spatula in the photo above belongs to Klipnocky Wood Shop. The item sold so I linked another option lower in the post)

I love using white and wood in the kitchen. White helps in keeping the kitchen looking fresh and clean and it's always easy to accessorize throughout the different seasons of the year. In my earlier years of setting up our kitchen I would buy the cheapest kitchen accessories and they would never last very long. I now try to purchase items like stoneware for our kitchen because I know it will last for a very long time. However you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a beautiful accessorized kitchen so join me today for some online shopping in all sorts of price ranges for your beautiful kitchen!

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Every home cook needs a nice set of mixing bowls. I personally prefer glass or stoneware bowls because they are nonreactive, which means that it won't chemically affect the taste, color, or texture of the food. Purchasing a set of nesting bowls makes them much easier to store and I have to say that I love stoneware mixing bowls. There is something to appreciate about the quality and how long these bowls will last. While they are a little more cost up front I personally believe that they are worth it. 

These stone ware bowls shown below come in three different sizes 8 inch, 10 inch and 12 inch. While you have to purchase these bowls individually I do think they are worth it. They are also made here in the states and that is always something I appreciate. This would be a great collection to last for generations. These are on my wish list!

Stoneware Mixing Bowl

Stoneware crocks come in all sizes and colors but I really like the look of these 1 gallon and 2 gallon Ohio Stoneware crocks. They are ideal for sitting on the counter to hold utensils and even taller kitchen items like rolling pins. 

stoneware crock.jpg

Wooden serving utensils add a touch of wood and warmth to any kitchen style. Over the past few years I have slowly switched over to more handmade wooden utensils to cook and serve with. They look beautiful stored in crocks on the counter where they are within easy reach as you cook. It's not always cheap to purchase quality handmade products but they last a very long time and you get the satisfaction of knowing your shopping to support another family. 

wood spoon 2.jpg

I love having baskets and bins in the kitchen. They are useful for many things and these wire baskets are a great size because it can be hard to find a longer basket with a width that will fit on most shelves. They come in a large, medium and small size. These baskets will do that and they are ideal for storing linen towels on a shelf or use them in the pantry for holding produce or other items.

wire basket.jpg

As I seek to go to a more sustainable and waste free lifestyle, I have given up many of the modern "scrub" tools. Many of them are filled with chemicals, non-biodegradable plastic and harmful synthetic dyes. A more earth friendly option is wood scrubbing brushes and they also look good stored on the edge of a sink or even in a small crock on the counter. I linked up a new brush below that I don't currently own and it's called a flowerpot brush. I seen it and immediately thought it would be good for cleaning my cast iron collection

wood dish brush.jpg
wood dish brush 1.jpg
wood brush dish.jpg

So what else do I keep on my kitchen shelf? I have a glass lemon juicer that is very good for getting the juice out of any of my citrus fruits. I love that it has a measuring glass cup where the juice goes in. This is helpful when I am making fresh lemonade in the summer. I also have a mortar and pestle set. I garden and use a lot of fresh herbs. After I hang and dry my herbs I use the mortar and pestle set to grind them smaller. I then store them in jars in our kitchen pantry or use them right away for cooking. I also keep a set of metal measuring spoons, a honey dipper and a tea infuser spoon in a small crock.  My current kitchen wish list includes these wooden measuring spoons. They are simply beautiful and would look great in a white crock as would this longer handled pair of wood measuring spoons

At the very top of the wish list for the kitchen is this beautiful set of wooden measuring spoons! I think they just might make me want to be in the kitchen more than I already am and they would for sure add a stunning element to a kitchen shelf. When I see an item like this I think of a high quality family heirloom.

wooden measuring spoons.jpg

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Drop Cloth Covered Couch Covers

Ever have those projects that you want to do and then you keep putting them off? Then one day you finally do it and realize how easy it was? That was completely what happened yesterday when I tackled this 15 minute project.

Drop Cloth Covered Couch Covers

There really isn't anything wrong with our couches. I just wanted a lighter look and didn't want to spend the several thousands of dollars to get one by purchasing new furniture. Nor did I want to buy slipcovers and have to hassle with getting them on and off especially with reclining couches. I purchased two packages of canvas drop cloth and came home to makeover my couch and loveseat.

Drop Cloth Covered Couch Covers

I laid the drop cloth out on the couch and they centered it the best I could. Now here comes the real detailed part.....just start pushing it into the cushions on the couch until you have the look you want. I told you...real detailed right??


Just keep working until you have it how you want it. It truly is easy so don't over think the situation.

Drop Cloth Covered Couch Covers

This was such a super easy project that totally transformed the way the room looks. The best part is when they get dirty they can easily be taken off washed and dried, then put back on.

Drop Cloth Covered Couch Covers

Our family room is under going a big transformation with new hardwood floors and finally getting all the trim in place. Adding these super simple drop cloth couch covers was just a small project that made a big difference.

Drop Cloth Covered Couch Covers

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drop cloth covered couch

A Simple Spring Farmhouse Bedroom Tour

The birds are chirping. The flowers are beginning to grow. The sun is shining. The windows are open.
We are gladly welcoming Spring weather to our home.
When the weather starts to warm up, I start getting anxious to add Spring touches to our home. I am not one to be excessive but I love to add small changes to our home to reflect the seasons.

Master Bedroom Spring Tour Farmhouse

I love using natural elements in our decor and so these blooming Spring branches were the perfect touch in an old sap bucket.
Adding green to our space inside reflected what mother nature was busy doing outside.

Master Bedroom Farmhouse Spring Tour

Linen is my choice of fabric for our bed all year long. In the warmer months I remove the duvet insert and we just use the duvet cover.
Our white linen pillow covers are from Oscar and French.
The gray linen duvet cover is from The Foxes Den.

White Linen Pillow Cover Cases

Our bedroom is kept simple with neutral colors that I find calming and peaceful.
To much clutter makes me feel like I need to dust and clean a lot so I enjoy the simplicity of this space.
I keep the night stands simple with a few vintage items that I love.

Spring Farmhouse Night Stand Vignette

I recently found this vintage lamp at The Vintage Peddler in Springfield Missouri.
I didn't like the original color and so a little bit of spray paint sure helped to transform the lamp into a piece that I really love.
I like these smaller lamps. Not only the vintage aspect but it doesn't take up much space.
I love keeping live plants in the home. They help purify the air and the pop of green makes me happy. This ivy was placed inside of an old small drawer and then stacked on top of some old books.
A straw hat hanging on an old small camp chair reminds of warm summer days and needing to grab a hat before heading out to work in the garden.

Spring Farmhouse Bedroom Tour

Thank you so much for dropping by our home. Happy Spring!


Farmhouse Bathroom Update

We started a bathroom remodel last year and we are still in the process of finishing up a few things. It always seems like the little things that take forever to finish up.

I was a little frustrated when I went to find photos of the bathroom in the before stage and could only find one. I know I took more but we also had a computer malfunction and I am wondering if they may have gotten lost during that. So here is the one before photo that I do have.

Bathroom Remodel on a Budget

This is the entrance to the old bathroom when we purchased this home. You can see that there was two doors. One leading into the bathroom and then another that separated the toilet and tub from the sink area. Lovely wall paper, blue tile and laminate flooring all said in a very sarcastic tone of voice. We completely gutted the entire thing to do the remodel.

Clawfoot Bathtub Makeover

I purchased the clawfoot tub off of Craigslist for $100.00 and it was in rather rough shape with quite a bit of rust on the exterior. I did a lot of sanding to remove the rust and then spray painted the outside. The interior of the tub wasn't in really bad shape and some simple scrubbing and some pumice stones cleaned it up nicely.

Farmhouse Bathroom Sink Vanity
Farmhouse Concrete Bathroom Counter Top

The bathroom vanity was built by my cousin and my husband built the concrete countertop. It was his first try at doing one and he done a good job. Not perfect but the imperfections are fine with me. I will be doing a blog on the steps that he did and some things that we learned along the way in a future post.

Farmhouse Bathroom

So what is left to do? It's the little details like trim work around the floors and the window as well as finding a tub faucet that I really like. It has been a labor of love and time but well worth it. More updates soon!

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Island Light

I am one who loves the hunt for unique pieces in our home. Lighting is no different and if I can find a great bargain then I really get excited. I recently made a trip to Michaels and was browsing when I stumbled upon an item that nearly had me dancing in the store. I however was able to refrain from embarrassing myself but did grab my new found item and headed to the counter with my 40% off coupon in hand.

Several months ago I purchased this Portfolio 36 in Bronze Hardwired Mini Pendant from Lowes. When I purchased this I had also purchased a shade choice from Lowes that I thought I would like. I ended up not liking them and took them back. The hunt was then on for something that would fit these pendants and still be a style that I love. My initial thought was vintage shades but nothing ever surfaced that I could purchase three of and still be within my budget. On my recent trip to Michaels I found just what I wanted.

This is the Metal Lampshade and is found in the lighting section at Michaels. I purchased three of them knowing that they would work perfectly for my pendant light at home. I took them home and it was the perfect fit!

DIY Farmhouse Style Kitchen Light

This area of our home is very difficult to photograph but it gives you an idea of what lights we have over our dining room table and the pendants as they hung before being adorned with their perfect shades. I did spray paint all the pieces to make everything match perfectly.

DIY Farmhouse Style Hanging Pendant
DIY Farmhouse Style Metal Lamp Shade

The lighting in our dining room and kitchen are now closely alike but yet still different. The dining room lights were purchased from a little shop that sells all sorts of various hardware pieces and they were only $6.00 each. They are still some of my all time favorite finds.

DIY Farmhouse Lighting Kitchen

Sometimes waiting and hunting for the item that you really want is worth the wait. I am super happy with how these two items worked out to be the perfect match for our home.

We have several major projects coming up that I can't wait to share with you and one of them includes all the details of the newly painted table and chairs. We will also be purchasing hardwood flooring this week. So much going on and I am ready to get this home one step closer to completion. So please look past the mess in the background. Sometimes sharing a little completed area helps me realize we are making progress.

Thanks for following along!

DIY Farmhouse Style Lighting Vintage Look

Farmhouse Kitchen Favorite Essentials

Ever have those days you feel like you spend most of the day in the kitchen? Cooking and cleaning are two of the most time consuming parts of my day. With a large family I work to keep a kitchen that is functional and minimal but I also want a beautiful space to work in with quality products. I’m here to help you get the farmhouse look you love at prices you can hopefully afford. I have done the shopping for you and guess what? So many of the products that I love come from small shops. How amazing is that? There is just something that I love about getting a product from another small shop that is lovingly made with time and effort. You ready to see some of my favorite finds? Let's go shopping together!

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware, Mason Jars and White dishes

Mason jars, white dishes and cast iron skillets are essentials in my kitchen.
Mason jars make the perfect drinking glasses for our family and they also serve as a way to store leftovers in the fridge. When I cook soups or chili I often make extra for the next day. Simply place the cooled leftovers in a jar, put the lid on and stick in the fridge. The next day it is easy to grab and reheat for another meal. Mason jars seem to be the most non breakable glasses that we have ever used and the price of $9.00 for 12 is quite a deal.
Lodge cast iron is the most used cookware in my kitchen. There are so benefits to using cast iron and they are extremely easy to care for.  A well seasoned cast iron skillet is naturally non stick which means no harmful synthetic materials being leaked into your food. We often serve our food still in the skillet at the table and cast iron helps by keeping the food warmer longer than your traditional skillets. Cast iron is long lasting and versatile when it comes to cooking most of the foods we love.

Wood utenils in a white crock
Wood ware spoons, crock and linen

Wooden spoons seem to be a farmhouse style favorite. They are functional and beautiful to leave in a crock on the cabinet. One of my favorite small shops for hand made wooden spoons and cutting boards is We Are Caribou. I have enjoyed having their products in our home and I can honestly say that they are a great quality.
Crocks are another farmhouse kitchen staple for my home. They are used in the kitchen to store my wooden spoons, measuring spoons and sometimes even fresh flowers. We have crocks in our living room cabinet that holds crayons and other school supplies. I love an item that keeps some of supplies hidden and yet pretty. Most of my smaller crocks have come from Cynthia who has a lovely online shop called Harper and Arrow Market. Crocks can also be found at thrift stores and yard sales.

100% linen
linen dish towel.jpg

Linen dish towels. I have made the switch to 100% linen in my kitchen and I didn't realize all the wonderful things about a quality linen towel until I started using them. Did you know that linen is up to two to three times stronger than cotton? It is even stronger when wet and yet it softens with repeated washings. Linen is also lint free which is perfect for drying glasses. Linen is also naturally anti bacterial. Hanging on a hook, or placed in a basket, linen is always a lovely choice for the kitchen.

wood dish rack and linen towel

Would you believe that we don't own a dishwasher? Our home had one when we first moved in but I chose to take it out. We wash dishes after every meal in order to help keep the kitchen clean through out the day. I find that the dishes can be hand washed, dried and put away faster than using the dishwasher and it saves electricity. I currently use a wood dish drying rack that I picked up cheap from a local store but I would love to find a better quality, better made drying rack that is made in the USA. Do you know a good source? If so, leave me a comment.

pantry labels and pantry jars for open kitchen shelving

Glass jars and hand written labels have been a favorite in my kitchen. I love having the jars filled with the most used kitchen staples. I can easily see what needs to be purchased and rarely ever run out of anything. These jars do not seal and so that is the only downfall to having them if your a family that wouldn't use the ingredients in them very often. With a large family I don't ever have an issue with food going stale but I have recently decided that I would like to store some less used dry goods in jars. So, I am on the lookout for a great jar that does seal. Leave me a comment if you have a favorite jar that seals.

*I have since updated my jars. Click here to read about that.

Simple Farmhouse Kitchen Style

What are some of your favorite kitchen items that you love using? Are you a supporter of small shops and have one you would love to share? I would love to hear from you!

farmhouse kitchen essential products

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The Kitchen Space Before and Current

The kitchen in our double wide is a good size. That is one of the things that sold me on this home. There were plenty of cabinets and that was important for this family of 6. The former owners never cleaned or so it seemed which means that I had a lot of scrubbing to do in order to even think about moving in. This photo below was taken after some much needed cleaning and before we took out the fridge that they left full of rotten food. YUCK!

Double Wide Kitchen Remodel
Double Wide Kitchen Remodel

The former owners apparently thought that the fluorescent lights on the ceiling would be a great touch and those were one of the first items removed from the home after the nasty fridge. The wallpaper was not lovely in the slightest way. Torn, ripped and stained I simply painted over the top of it.

double wide remodel

This is a current view of our space. This past fall I took all the upper cabinets down and added the DIY shelf for all my jars. I never got around to doing a wall treatment or even painting over the fridge. I am glad that I didn't now that this entire wall will be transformed within the next 8 weeks.

Double Wide Kitchen Remodel

The only thing that will be staying at this point is the kitchen island. I love the function of this piece and the storage that it provides for our space. Stay tuned as demo starts soon!
Phase 1 of the tear out and the rebuild
Phase 2 of the pantry build
Adding light to the pantry

double wide kitchen remodel