Brass Candlestick Makeover

A simple DIY using spray paint to makeover old vintage brass candlesticks.

Updated Old Brass Candlesticks with Spray Paint | thrift store makeover | candlestick makeover | brass candlesticks | spray painted candlesticks | Rocky Hedge Farm
DIY Brass Candlestick Makeover from the Thrift Store - Rocky Hedge Farm


I usually keep a running list in my mind of items that I would like to have for our home and candlesticks have been on that list for quite some time. Candlesticks are timeless pieces that can be used in a variety of ways throughout all the seasons.

As with most of my thrifting adventures, I find things when I least expect to, and that is what happened the day I made a quick stop at our local thrift shop. It also just so happened to be half off day for everything in the store, so I wasted no time picking up these seven brass candlesticks.

Brass really isn’t my color and so on the way home I stopped, and picked up some spray paint to give these candlesticks a makeover.

DIY Spray Painted Brass Candle Makeover from the Thrift Store - Rocky Hedge Farm
DIY Brass Candle Makeover thrift store makeover | upcycled candlesticks | how to spray paint candlesticks | thrift store candlesticks | black candlesticks - Rocky Hedge Farm


  1. Wash the candlesticks and remove any wax residue that may be on them.

  2. Take the candlesticks outside and set them in a location that they will not be knocked over or touched.

  3. Slowly spray a thin layer of spray paint (this is what I used) on each of the candlesticks. Allow the paint to dry for one hour and then apply a second coat of paint. If necessary, apply a third coat.

  4. All the candlesticks to dry for 6-8 hours before using.


Deconstructed Wingback Chair

DIY Spray Painted Brass Candlestick Makeover | Rocky Hedge Farm


Candlesticks are one of the best ways to add a warm, cozy feel to our home. During our evening dinner meal, I light the candles as we gather around the table as a family. It’s a simple way to create an atmosphere of cozy living.

One of the candlesticks was placed in the living room and I personally enjoy lighting it each morning, and enjoying the glow of the light while I drink coffee and have my quiet time.

Brass Candlestick Makeover | thrift store candlesticks | candlestick makeover | brass candlesticks | thrift store makeover | Rocky Hedge Farm

This was such an easy makeover and it came in under ten dollars. All together the candlesticks were $2.50 and then I had the cost of the spray paint.

The total cost was less than what I could buy one brand new candlestick for and that is just one reason I love shopping at a thrift store.

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