Captured No. 1

Several years ago, I developed a real interest in photography. My main subjects were the children and as time went on, my love for photography faded. Life became busy and I found that I didn't take the time to practice. In recent months, I have once again, found my love for photography. Especially in the simple, everyday moments of life. 

So, I am starting a new series on the blog called Captured, simple images from my week. I hope you enjoy the beautiful things of life. 

Dahlia Tubers Cafe Au Lait

The first batch of Dahlia tubers arrived from Twig and Vine. I am excited about my first cut flower garden and I am sure that these will be the highlight of the gardens. 

Captured: Dahlia Tubers
Gladiolus bulbs

Gladiolus will also be a part of my cut flower garden. I often think of them as an old time favorite among the farmhouses years ago. 

gladiolus bulbs and old terra cotta pots
Vintage garden markers and an old green wheelbarrow. garden simplicity

I feel very behind in getting a garden out this year but the weather has had really wild temperature swings. So, I have a few onions in the ground but that is all. The frosty night temperatures seem to be ending which means more planting will happen very quickly.

walla walla onions ready to be planted in the garden
old terra cotta pots with a barn swallow egg

The Barn Swallows have taken up residence in our barn and they are generally very unhappy when we are around. My youngest son recently found this tiny egg on the ground and we decided to place it up near the old terra cotta pots. 

old green wheelbarrow against a stone foundation with old garden tools.

My husband and I attended the first auction of the season a few weeks back. I love the old garden tools and ended up bringing these three home plus the old green wheelbarrow. They didn't sell for much and will prove themselves useful on the farm. 

Farm life simplicity

Quite possibly, this is my favorite photo of the week. Sometimes, the wheelbarrow makes the perfect spot to rest. 

I hope you have enjoyed this first week of Captured. Don't forget that you can follow me on my other social networks. Thanks for being a faithful reader. 

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