Captured No. 2

Welcome to the weekly series of Captured, a place where I share my latest photos from around the home. 

perennial fern

A sweet surprise when my son discovered this fern that I had planted last year. I thought it had died but it showed up after our last heavy rainfall. I love watching to see what plants make from their long winter sleep.

clay pots and an old bird nest
planting rosemary in the garden

I started adding herbs to the garden. I always enjoy using Rosemary to season our meals and so I put in a couple of plants. I will be sharing my tips in the near future on how to grow Rosemary, harvest and dry it. One of my favorite recipes to use Rosemary in is my Crispy Sweet Potatoes

growing rosemary in the garden
organic garden seeds

I didn't get my lettuce or carrots in early enough this year and the weather is already very warm. So, I will be saving these seeds and using them in a fall garden.

old gardening tools

It has been another busy but great week around our home. I am hoping to get the Dahlias planted this week and possibly a few other plants. Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget you can stay up to date by following along on my other social accounts.