Cast Iron Skillet Recipe | Healthy Crispy Pan Fried Sweet Potatoes

These crispy, fried, golden brown sweet potatoes are cooked with delicious herbs in a cast iron skillet. These sweet potatoes are a favorite side dish at our home and they cook up perfect every time.

Crispy Cast Iron Sweet Potato Recipe. Get perfectly crisp sweet potatoes by frying them up in a cast iron skillet with herbs for a healthy side dish | Rocky Hedge Farm

How to Cook Sweet Potatoes in a Cast Iron Skillet

First things first, if you don't own a cast iron skillet, go get yourself one! My favorites are the 10 inch and 12 inch. It's seriously the most useful skillet I have ever owned. You never have to worry about the nonstick stuff flaking off or if there might be some harmful chemical lurking in your skillet.

Besides, the most delicious foods come from cooking in cast iron, at least in my opinion. When you get cast iron, use it often and follow these simple steps for keeping it clean.

I love making these sweet, crispy, golden sweet potatoes at least a few times a week. This is an incredible versatile dish. You can add whatever seasonings that you personally enjoy but my very favorites are Rosemary, Thyme, Sage, Celtic Salt and Pepper. 

Rosemary, Sage, Thyme Herbs for  Herb Cooked Sweet Potatoes in Cast Iron Skillet
Pan fried healthy sweet potatoes that are crispy and cooked with herbs. These sweet potatoes make the perfect healthy side dish. | Rocky Hedge Farm

How Do You Make Healthy Pan Fried Sweet Potatoes?

I have tried frying sweet potatoes in a variety of oils, and butter but I believe the secret to great fried sweet potatoes is bacon grease. I personally use what is called fresh side bacon. We get it at our local butcher and it is free from any added ingredients, like sugar and nitrates. If you are completely opposed to using bacon grease then I would suggest trying butter but my greatest success is with using bacon grease.

When cooking in cast iron, always allow the skillet to warm up before you add your ingredients. For this recipe, turn the stove on medium and allow the bacon grease and skillet to warm up. Peel and dice your sweet potatoes into cubes. Once the skillet is warm, add the sweet potatoes.

I usually let mine cook for about 6 minutes, then go and give them one flip. You want to give them time to brown on the bottom. Once you make these a few times, you will learn just how long to leave the potatoes to crisp up to the desired crispness that you love. Continue to allow the sweet potatoes to crisp on all sides until tender, turning them occasionally as they cook. 

Once your sweet potatoes are getting close to being finished, add your herbs. Give the sweet potatoes a couple good turns with a spatula to make sure they all get coated well with the seasonings. You can check to see if your sweet potatoes are done by using a fork to test for desired tenderness.

Sweet potatoes are one of those foods that everyone has an opinion on. My husband likes them really really crispy and I just prefer a bit of crisp. So, it's all in preference to your taste. 

Once finished, transfer to a plate and enjoy! They are delicious!

Healthy cast iron skillet sweet potatoes that are crispy on the outside. A delicious healthy side dish | Rocky Hedge Farm

Healthy Crispy Pan Fried Sweet Potato Recipe

Crispy, golden brown sweet potatoes cooked with delicious herbs in a cast iron skillet. These sweet potatoes are a favorite side dish at our home and I promise that they are really simple to make!


  • 4-5 Medium, peeled, diced Sweet Potatoes

  • 1 lb cooked, chopped (save bacon grease or use butter instead) Bacon

  • 1/2 tsp Rosemary

  • 1/2 tsp Thyme

  • 1/2 tsp Sage

  • 1/2 tsp Salt

  • 1/4 tsp Pepper

How To Cook Sweet Potatoes in a Cast Iron Skillet on the Stove

If you are using bacon grease, cook the bacon in cast iron skillet. Remove the bacon but leave the bacon grease. If your cast iron skillet isn't already pre-heated with the bacon grease in it, then turn skillet on medium heat and preheat.

Peel and dice sweet potatoes into small cubes. Then, add the sweet potatoes to the cast iron skillet with the bacon grease. Using a spatula turn the sweet potatoes over every few minutes to allow them to crisp on the other side, and to keep them from burning.

Continue to cook another 6-8 minutes allowing them to crisp up. Continue checking sweet potatoes, turning them occasionally, until they reached the desired tenderness and crispness that you want. Mix herbs together, add to the sweet potatoes, using the spatula, turn the sweet potatoes to coat them with the herbs. Cook a few more minutes and then serve!

Want to know how to care for your cast iron skillets? Then be sure to check out the post, How To Properly Use and Care For Cast Iron.


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