Deconstructed Wing Back Chair pt. 2

Deconstructed Wing Back Chair in Denim

Oh, what a project it was to take this chair apart and then to put it back together in a style that I loved. It was worth it! If you didn't catch pt 1 on tearing them apart then you need to go back and view that!

Untitled design (20).jpg

What I started with was dirty and needed a desperate makeover. I got both chairs off of a local for sale site and paid $35.00 for both of them. It took almost 5 hours to tear all the fabric off plus the thousands of staples and nails. Today, was the fun part as I got to put it all back together. Let me know if you would love to see a tutorial because I have the other chair to still complete. 

Deconstructed Wing Back Chair re-done in a Railroad Denim Fabric and a Solid Denim

I am absolutely no professional and this is the first time that I have torn a chair apart to re-do it. I used one of my favorite fabrics from Robert Kaufman called Railroad Denim to cover the front part. The sides and the back were covered in a solid denim pattern. 

Deconstructed Railroad and Denim Wing Back Chair
Wing Back Chair that has been Deconstructed
Deconstructed Wing Back Chair #farmhousestyle #wingbackchair #deconstructedchair #farmhousechair

I chose not to paint the chair. I love the way the denim and wood look together and the wood was in great condition. I did wash the wood down and apply a wax to keep it looking nice. 

Wing Back Chair Makeover done in RailRoad Denim

This just might be one of my favorite makeovers that I have ever completed. It was worth the late night and all the thousands of staples that I had to pull. Now, I have to go and finish the second one. 

Wing Back Chair Deconstruction Make Over

What do you think? Is it a project that you would tackle? I would love to hear what you think. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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