Double Wide Farmhouse Style Dining Room Remodel

I have never hidden that we live in a double wide mobile home. It’s part of our life story that I am more than happy to share about. I believe that everyone should make the most of whatever home that they live in, and I am on a mission to make the interior of our home look like the farmhouse simple style that I love.

Double Wide Mobile Home Remodel on a Budget | Rocky Hedge Farm

Double Wide Remodel on a Budget

I share the story of our home here and how we came to purchase it. This home was left in a mess bigger than what you may be able to imagine by the previous owners. That photo above is minor compared to what was here. Just think blue carpets in the dining room, and animal feces left on the carpet.

The golden light fixture was held up by a padlock that we had no key for and the there was even a few lovely pieces of black duct tape holding something together. It wasn’t pretty but when you find a good home for a rock bottom price, you put a little imagination into what it could be.

Farmhouse Style Mobile Home Makeover in a Double Wide Trailer | Rocky Hedge Farm
Remoding a double wide mobile home into a farmhouse style | Rocky Hedge Farm

Farmhouse Dining Room | Double Wide Remodel

The first thing we did after getting ownership of our home was to remove the carpets because there was no way that they were fit to try and clean. We then painted the floors to seal them with KILZ before using a gray floor and porch paint to paint them. That is the way the floors stayed for some time until we could afford to put down hardwood flooring.

Painted Floors in a double wide remodel home | Rocky Hedge Farm
Remodeling a Double Wide Mobile Home on a Budget and Putting in Hardwood Floors | Rocky Hedge Farm

Farmhouse Style Double Wide | Shiplap Walls

For the walls in our double wide we chose to cover them with shiplap boards. I often see people put the shiplap up over the top of the thin sheetrock that is already on the walls inside of a double wide. However, we pulled all the sheetrock off and then put up insullation between all the studs. This has helped tremendously with making our home easier to heat.

A lot of these photos were taken before I started blogging and I wish I had more photos to show more details. The photo below shows what it looks like when you remove the thin sheetrock from the walls. This was not an easy task for us because the sheetrock was glued to the studs. So, it took a lot of time to get it all off in order to put the shiplap.

Once we got the insulation between all the studs we started putting up the shiplap. We used actual shiplap boards that were 16 feet long and they have a groove on each side so that they fit together on the wall. Putting up shiplap is a fairly simple process. You measure the wall, cut the board to that size and then nail it to the wall with a nail gun, into the studs.

Cover the Walls in a Double Wide Mobile Home with Ship Lap | Rocky Hedge Farm

Farmhouse Style Mobile Home Makeover

So, why do I share these images with you? Because I want those living in any type of home to know and to realize that remodels and makeovers don’t happen over night. They cost money and they take time, and that is part of the reason that we are still not finished.

The other reason we are not finished with this space is because we have plans to move the home. Moving the home means that we get to live on more acreage and have our farm but it also means that the home could suffer some damage. The floors in the main living are hardwood and the walls in the living room have all been finished with shiplap.

Double Wide Mobile Home Remodel Wall Cover using Shiplap | Rocky Hedge Farm
Farmhouse Style Double Wide Makeover Remodel | Rocky Hedge Farm

Remodeling A Double Wide on a Budget | The Plan

Ceiling: The ceilings in our home were covered with the popcorn texture when we moved in but we were able to easily scrap it off. The plan is to put up a wood planked ceiling after we move the home.

Trim: We will be putting up a very simple style trim around the top of the wall as well as adding baseboards. At this time we are planning to use 1x4 on the top and 1x6 along the base of the wall. The walls are currently painted Snowbound by Sherwin Williams and the trim will be a color called Foggy Day by Dunn Edward Paint.

French Doors: I thrive on having a lot of natural light in our home so the plan is to have the window in the left of the photo removed. We will then have a french doors put in where the window was. This is not a job we will do ourselves but we will have it hired out because it involves cutting that hole into a much bigger one in order to put the doors in. Then, in the future we will have a porch off the back of the home outside the french doors.

Lighting: There wasn’t much lighting in the home when we purchased it. We have had to cut holes in the ceiling to run some wires and to add new lights. The dining room currently has two lights in the ceiling and I still haven’t decided what kind of chandelier I want over the table.

Table and Chairs: This table and chair set has been several different colors and I will have a post soon on how I have painted it white. The table and chairs have been gray, then black and now they are white. Since I painted the floors black, the white is a much better contrast. I only wish I would have painted the table and chairs sooner.

Hall: Our hallway is just off the dining room and part of it has had the shiplap put up on the walls. We still need to finish a section and get it all painted.

How to Make a Mobile Home Look Nice | Dining Room Remodel | Rocky Hedge Farm

Overall, I am super happy with the way this space has turned out, and I know that when we get it finished, I will really love it. Some days it feels like we have so far to go but I have to remember how far we have come! I hope that this encourages you to know that no matter what you live in, you can make it your style and you can make it beautiful!

Farmhouse Style Mobile Home Remodel | Rocky Hedge Farm
Mobile Home Remodeling Pictures | Rocky Hedge Farm