DIY Slate Vegetable Garden Plant Label Markers

I love the garden season and I love creating a beautiful garden to work in. I like to have some sort of garden markers to know what I planted where and this year I found small pieces of slate to use for my vegetable garden markers.

Easy DIY Slate Garden Markers | Garden Labels | Rocky Hedge Farm

Garden Markers to Organize the Garden

If you have ever planted a garden, then you know that they take a great deal of time to care for. I spend time amending the soil, planting the seeds, weeding the garden and harvesting the produce. Therefore, I enjoy creating a place that is beautiful to work in.

I generally have a good idea what I plant where in my garden beds but I also love to add a look of organization and beauty to my garden. There is a lot of ways to make markers for the garden but I wanted something that I knew I could use year after year, and that is why I chose slate.

EASY Beautiful DIY Garden Marker Labels | Rocky Hedge Farm

DIY Garden Markers | Garden Labels

Wooden Stakes or these metal stakes
Slate Labels
White Sharpie Paint Pen
Jute Twine
You can also buy the slate labels and metal stakes together

How to Make Garden Markers

I ordered the supplies and when they arrived, I got busy making my vegetable garden markers. I wrote the names of what I was growing on my slate pieces with the sharpie pen and then attached them to the wooden stakes with jute twine. 

Flower Garden Markers Labels | Rocky Hedge Farm

This is a super simple project that adds a great deal of character and beauty to the garden. These slate garden markers can be used with chalk however I knew that wouldn't hold up in the rain. So, while a sharpie pen is permanent, I know that I will be using these year after year.

Herb Garden Markers Labels for the Vegetable Herb Garden. | Rocky Hedge Farm
Easy Garden Marker | Rocky Hedge Farm

It has been a busy garden season so far with setting up this space at our new place, I have built raised garden beds, built a tomato trellis and now have the garden markers. It is a busy season around here. 

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