Farmhouse Cupboard Makeover

Old farmhouse style furniture has a way of luring me in. I love the simple straight lines of old shaker style pieces and I recently was browsing the a local for sale site when this beautiful farmhouse cupboard showed up. 

Old farmhouse cabinet cupboard makeover

I immediately messaged the lady to see if it was for sale. I honestly had no idea where I would put such a large piece but the price was good and the cupboard was just beautiful. I thought about where I might put it and finally decided that I would separate the two pieces and use the bottom for a kitchen island.

farmhouse style cabinet makeover

I left it unpainted for quite some time, but eventually, the wood was just too much for my style. So, I painted it a lovely shade of green called, Countryside, from the Joanna Gaines paint line. 

farmhouse cupboard makeover

The top part of the hutch stayed in the living room and was a great size to hold our television. Then, this past weekend I decided to move some things around in the kitchen and dining room area, and this hutch is now back together, the original way it was meant to be. 

farmhouse cabinet cupboard makeover shaker style
Farmhouse Cupboard Makeover
A Beautiful Farmhouse Style Cabinet Makeover

Our dining room and kitchen are one large space. So, I moved the kitchen table long ways where the island used to be and that opened up room for the cupboard to go on the dining room wall. 

Beautiful Farmhouse Style Cabinet Makeover
Farmhouse Style Cabinet Makeover

I tucked a few of my favorite things inside the hutch including a pie plate that holds a lot of meaning to me, a vintage honey pot, a few of my favorite beautiful cookbooks and a few stoneware bowls. I really love looking through beautiful cookbooks and two of my current favorites are, The Hands on Home and New England Farmgirl

A Beautiful Farmhouse Style Cupboard

The other side of the hutch holds a vintage water pitcher, glass cups, another mixing bowl and a few serving bowls. I am sure that this space will change over time but I love the simple beauty of seeing kitchen items that I use daily, displayed. 

Simple Farmhouse Style Cupboard

There was such great debate on whether I should paint this piece but I have to say, I love it! Our home needed a pop of color and I love the way this piece turned out. 

Farmhouse Style Cupboard Makeover

There are so many changes coming in the next few months as we get ready to move our home (doublewide) to our new land and hopefully, the kitchen will be next on the remodel list. The black hanging light will be moved to hang over the table and we will be putting different lighting in its place. 

Farmhouse Cupboard Makeover


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