Hearty Homemade Healthy Chicken Soup

Healthy Homemade Chicken Soup

This is the best healthy homemade chicken soup recipe! With healing and immune-boosting ingredients, like turmeric and chicken broth, this recipe for chicken soup is the perfect comfort food.

I make a lot of soups in the colder months. They are packed full of healthy vegetables and broths that are good for our bodies, and generally they are super quick to fix. This is a very quick, and easy soup that is comforting for the colder months.

Quick and Easy Chicken Soup - Hearty, Healthy, and Delicious

Is Chicken Soup Healthy?

Yes, this chicken soup is very healthy.
1. Bone Broth: The chicken is cooked and then removed from the bone before putting the bones back in the water to simmer for at least an hour. Bone broth is packed full of nutrients like protein. Bone broth is good for your gut and your joints.
2. Turmeric: is what gives the soup the deep, beautiful color. It is considered to be anti-inflammatory and an anit-oxidant.
3. Veggies: We all need more of these powerhouse vitamin packed vegetables in our meals. Soups are an easy way to get the nutrition your body needs!

Hearty and Healthy Chicken Soup - Paleo, Keto, THM,

How to Make Homemade Healthy Chicken Soup


1 whole chicken
2 whole carrots, diced
2 stalks celery, diced
1 whole onion, diced
2 tsp celtic salt
1 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp tumeric
1/2 tsp thyme
2 tsp parsley
2 bay leaves


1. Cover chicken in 5 quarts of water and simmer on low for several hours until the chicken is very tender.
2. Remove chicken from the pot and remove as much meat as you can from the bones. Return the bones to broth and simmer on low for 1 hour.
3. Then, remove the bones from the broth, making sure to remove all the bones. I often use a strainer and another pan to be sure that all bones are removed. I strain the broth from one pot, through the strainer, into another pot.
4. Leave the broth in the pot and add vegetables.
5. Add herbs and spices and simmer on low until ready to serve.

- Adjust the spices to your liking. I enjoy a little spice so I always prefer more pepper.
- You can add noodles in the last 10 minutes of cooking to have a hearty and healthy chicken noodle soup.

Healthy Chicken Soup Recipe that Easy and Quick

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