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I enjoy creating beautiful spaces that are functional but at times that means being creative, especially when you are limited on space.  So, when I recently went zero waste in our love for coffee, I knew I wanted to find a way to keep everything within easy reach, especially for those early morning coffee needs.

DIY coffee bar and coffee station for small space kitchen

I recently shared about our love of coffee and how our family has gone zero waste. There is no plastic coffee maker sitting on the counter and I knew that my jars and coffee grinder were too pretty to just put away and leave hidden each day. One of the things that I love about purchasing beautiful and functional pieces for the kitchen, is that they can stay out for display. 

DIY coffee bar and coffee station for small space kitchen.
DIY coffee bar and coffee station for small space kitchen.

I have a small kitchen and just one shelf to hold all of the things that I use on a daily basis. I have the 16 oz wide mouth jars with zinc lids that I use to hold my favorite coffee beans. I enjoy having them within reach each morning and started thinking of way that I could leave them out on display. I had some small boxes and immediately thought that maybe my jars would fit inside. They did! So, I painted them white and started to arrange them on my shelf. 

DIY coffee bar and coffee station for small space kitchen.

I placed two of the boxes side by side and then stacked the third one vertically. This left a space for my Camano coffee grinder to sit on top of the single box. Placing items vertically helps save space and creates a visual interest. 

DIY coffee bar and coffee station for small space kitchen.

I use my pour over coffee kettle every morning and since my boxes are stacked together this left enough space to leave my kettle on the shelf as well. All the essentials I need for making a delicious cup of coffee are within easy reach each morning. 

DIY coffee bar and coffee station for small space kitchen.

It is a simple set-up but it works perfectly for my small space. I really enjoy making a home that mixes beauty with function. These are not items that just take up shelf space, these are items that are used on a daily basis that serve a purpose for our family. I like to think of them as beautiful home decor pieces that have a purpose. Do you like to decorate with pieces that have a purpose? I would love to hear about it!

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DIY Small space coffee bar, coffee station set up for the kitchen

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