DIY Fresh Mini Christmas Trees

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Learn how to make a simple fresh mini Christmas tree in a tin can and create a beautiful homemade Christmas decoration that is budget friendly, and uses natural greenery.

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Tis’ the season for bringing down the totes from the attic or lugging them out of the garage, shed or other storage places. It’s the season of buying new Christmas decor, donating the old or reusing what has been stored. Decorating for the Christmas season is always a favorite time for our family but each year I seem to decorate a little more simply and always on a budget.

Inexpensive Homemade DIY Christmas Decor

I don’t have much storage space in our home and after the Christmas season is over, the thought of packing up all the Christmas decor in the home is not that appealing to me. I love the look of simple, natural decor and if it can be done on a budget than I am even more excited about it. I have recently seen several stores selling faux trees in small galvanized or metal cans but again they cost money and after the season is over, I have to find a place to store it. With this homemade diy project, I can recycle the can and return the other elements back to nature.

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How to Make a Fresh Mini Christmas Tree

Here is what you will need

A Tin Can
Black Spray Paint
Real Greenery

Peel the label off the tin can and wash it really well.
Spray paint the can.
Place dirt in the can and then add the greenery. Pack the dirt down around the greenery to hold it in place. Then add a little more dirt to feel the can up to the top.

Homemade Christmas Decor Tiny Christmas Tree in a Tin Can - Rocky Hedge Farm

Where to Find Real Christmas Greenery for Free

For those of us that live in rural ares, locating Christmas greenery can be very simple. It is as simple as taking a walk and gathering evergreen branches. However, I realize it may not always be that simple for some, and that is where your local Christmas tree cutting place becomes your source of free greenery. Visit your local hardware stores where they sell Christmas trees and ask if you can have the branches that they cut off the trees. I have always been told that I can and that is where I source all of my real Christmas greenery each year.

Using Fresh Greenery for Natural Christmas Decorating

Fresh greenery can dry out very quickly causing it to become dry and brittle when using it for decorating. I love this idea of using real greenery packed in dirt because just by adding a little water, the greenery stays moist and doesn’t become dried out. You will have fresh looking greenery throughout the Christmas season.

Free Homemade Christmas Holiday Decorating - Rocky Hedge Farm
Free Christmas Decorating Ideas Christmas Tree in a Tin Can - Rocky Hedge Farm

This was such a simple homemade Christmas decor idea and it didn’t cost me a single penny to create because I already had everything here at our home. How cute would these be with ribbons around the cans or tied up with buffalo check ribbon and jute string? These are the perfect size to use for individual place settings for creating a Christmas table scape or to even create a centerpiece for the table. When the Christmas season is over, there is nothing to pack up and put into storage. What do you think? Is this something that you would create?

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