Napkins & Placemats From Flour Sack Towels

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Homemade | Napkins & Placemats

An easy beginner sewing project for budget friendly homemade napkins & placemats.

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DIY Cloth Napkins & Placemats : Easy Beginner Sewing Project

This is a simple project that can be completed in just a few hours. The only skills that you need to know is, how to cut a straight line, use an iron and sew a straight line.

DIY Cloth Napkins

Budget Friendly Cloth Napkins and Placemats

I love the idea of going out and purchasing new cloth napkins and placemats for the different season but the reality is, they are costly and that is not budget friendly for our family. So, this year I found these gorgeous large black striped flour sack towels and knew that I could create my own and so can you!

Handmade Cloth Napkins from a Flour Sack Towel
Budget Friendly Handmade Napkins and Placemats

How to Make Cloth Napkins and Placemats

1. I purchased my flour sack towels new so there was already a crease right down the middle of the towel. If yours doesn’t have a crease, fold it down the middle and iron the towel to make the crease. Then cut on the crease to get two pieces of the towel.

2. You know have two separate pieces that you need to fold in half again. For these, I ironed the crease and then cut down the middle of them. You should now have four sections all the same size.

DIY Cloth Napkins and Placemats
Flour Sack Towel Napkins

3. Two sides of your fabric pieces will now have raw edges that you will have to sew down. To make this, fold and iron down the edge. Then fold it again so that the raw edge is hidden. This doesn’t need to be very wide and you can reference the already sewn side of the towel to know how yours should look.

How to sew a simple napkin
How To Sew a Cloth Napkin

4. It is time to sew the edge down. Place the fabric on the machine with the turned edge facing down. Then, sew a straight line down the fabric edge. Do this for all the pieces of the fabric that you need.

5. When finished you will have created a beautiful set of napkins and placemats.

Cloth Napkins Sewing for Beginners

This was a simple homemade project that took very little time and cost very little amount of money to make. I love the simplicity of it and the neutral colors of the fabric can be used for many table settings. I used three flour sack towels to create six napkins and six placemats.

DIY Cloth Napkins from Flour Sack Towel
DIY Homemade Flour Sack Towel Cloth Napkins and Placemat


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