How To Dry Oranges

I have often felt like I was born in the wrong era for my 36 year old self. I like a simpler way of life and this world that I live in feels a little too fast paced for me. Several years ago the way I viewed the holidays changed and I have strived to create a much more cozy feeling for the season. One that is wrapped in traditions and celebration. So I challenged the children and myself this year to a homemade holiday.

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I began to think about an old fashioned holiday and how generations before me would have celebrated the holidays without running to the store for the latest trend in home decor. They simply would have had to use what they could gather from nature, grow themselves or pick up at the general store. The first things I wanted to teach the children to do was how to dry oranges.

Metal Cooling Rack
Cutting Board

1. Begin by slicing your oranges on a cutting board and layering them out on a metal cooling rack. It is best to bake them on a metal cooling rack so that the oranges can dry evenly on the top and bottom.

2. Turn your oven to a low setting. For me that was 175 degrees and then bake them for 2 to 3 hours. It took nearly 3 hours for mine to dry and I flipped them every 30 minutes. After the three I hours I turned off the oven and allowed them to sit until the oven was cool.

Dry Oranges

Let me hear from you readers! I would love to hear about crafts, traditions or anything special that you loved about the holiday season.

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