How to Preserve Christmas Greenery

Do you love using fresh greenery during the holiday season? Adding greenery instantly brings the outdoors in and creates a warmth to the home during the season. Add some lights to your greenery and you instantly have a festive arrangement. 

How to preserve your fresh holiday Christmas greenery to keep it from dropping a lot of needles on the floor.

White lights and fresh greenery are just two of the things I love to when putting together decorations for our home. However, I dislike having all the crumbling, dried needles falling all over the place. So, I went in search of an answer to my problem and I think I found one. 

How to use glycerin to help preserve your Christmas greenery.

The answer is Glycerin. I was doing some reading and found that it is most often used to preserve boxwood. I decided to try it with Christmas greenery and so far I have had great success. 

How to keep your Christmas Greenery from falling off and into the floor. An easy tip to preserving your Christmas greenery.

Fresh greenery clippings

1. Mix 1 part Glycerin to 2 parts water in a container of your choice. You can also do 1 part Glycerin and 1 part water if you wish but I have had success with the 2 to 1 ratio.
2. Add your freshly clipped greenery and allow it to sit in the mixture for at least 24 hours. You can then remove it, dry the ends and use to decorate.

How to preserve Christmas greenery in this beautiful rustic Christmas style. Farmhouse, Rustic, Woodland, Simple Christmas

I have had my greenery out for almost a week now and have no brittle pieces. I can move the greenery around and not have the needles falling all over the place. This is my first time ever trying this and so far I am impressed with the results. 

How to preserve Christmas greenery and keep your tree looking great through the season.

I even added Glycerin to my Christmas trees. I would love to hear if you try this or if you have done this before! I will update at the end of December to let you know how well it holds up through the month. 

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How to preserve Christmas Greenery. A great tip on how to use Glycerin to preserve Christmas greenery.

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