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Mason jar Spice Storage and Organization Ideas | Rocky Hedge Farm

Ready to get organized? Learn how to organize your spices and herbs with mason jars and pretty handwritten labels.

Mason jar spice and herb storage organziation - Rocky Hedge Farm

Walking into our local bulk food shop is like a magical place for me. The walls are lined with jars, all perfectly labeled and the way they smell is something that I love. My own collection of spices and herbs has grown quite a lot recently as I cook from scratch and now I have an interest in a home apothecary. Using mason jars and labels, I have created a different way to store my spices and herbs that takes up less space but still makes them easily accessible.

Mason Jar Spice Storage - Rocky Hedge Farm


Where we live, we have a wonderful store that carries just about any spice or herb you can think of in bulk. I love buying our spices in bulk because generally they will be much fresher and because they are organic, the quality is much higher. When buying in bulk, I take my jars with me, fill them up, and then bring them back home to put on the shelf. This is one little way that I strive to live a more sustainable lifestyle.


When I first started buying spices and herbs in bulk, I stored them in jars that had lids and sticker labels, then I switched to labels that I made with a label maker. I have liked both ways but one of the issues I have come across is that I can not wash the jars without ruining the labels. So, I recently found some labels that I could loop through the lid of the mason jar, and the label can be removed if I need to wash the jar.

Mason jar Spice Storage and Organization Ideas | Rocky Hedge Farm


There are several reasons that I love using mason jars for storing my herbs and spices.

  1. They are affordable and you can find them anywhere. You can purchase them brand new, find them used at antique stores, vintage markets and even yard sales.

  2. They come in different sizes and can hold a lot of spices. I personally find that the 1/2 pint jars are what I like to use the best. I purchased the wide mouth 1/2 pint jars.

  3. Mason jars are easy to stack. This is one of the reasons that I switched to using the mason jars. I am short on space and needed to start stacking my jars vertically.

  4. They are easy to refill. I love being able to pack up my jars, take them to the bulk store, refill them and then bring them back home to put away.

  5. There is no plastic involved in storing spices and herbs in Mason jars. Again, more sustainable and no worries of BPA.

DIY Mason Jar Spice and Herb Organization Labels | Rocky Hedge Farm


  1. Mason Jars: Choose what size will fit your space best. I personally use the 1/2 pint wide mouth jars because I can stack them two deep and three high in my space.

  2. Lids: If you purchase your jars new, then most likely they will come with the flat and ring that you use as a lid. If you prefer to not use the metal flat and ring, you can purchase plastic lids that screw on.

  3. Labels: Once you have your spices and herbs stored in jars, you will want to label each jar. Labeling jars will prevent getting things like baking soda and baking powder mixed up. There are a wide variety of labels available, I am using the brown kraft labels with twine. There are so many options available, think of paint pens, chalkboard labels, and even sticker labels. I like the kraft labels because I could write the name of the spice or herb on both sides of the label, they are easy to see and read, and I can wash the jars without destroying the label.

Diy Mason Jar Spice and Herb Organization with Labels | Rocky Hedge Farm

If you don’t know, I love spaces that are pretty and practical, so using mason jars to store my spices and herbs works perfectly! How about you? How do you store your spices and herbs?


Mason Jar Spice Organization and Storage Ideas | Rocky Hedge Farm

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