Outdoor Vintage Flower Garden Decor

An Old Vintage Ladder and Terra Cotta Pots In the Garden

I love decorating my outside spaces as much as I do my indoor spaces. When it comes to gardening, whether it be flowers or vegetables, I enjoy adding a touch of vintage charm.

Create a beautiful flower garden using vintage finds like an old ladder and terra cotta pots. #flowergarden 3vintagegardenjunk #gardenladder #terracottapots

A couple in our church was cleaning out their barn and they knew that I collected terra cotta clay pots. So, they asked if I wanted some and of course, I did. I picked up a lot of them and brought them home to add a little bit of a vintage feel to the flower garden.

An old American barn and flower garden filled with rustic charm using a vintage ladder and old aged terra cotta clay pots. #flowergarden #agedterracotta #claypots #vintagegarden

I also love to find old wooden ladders and if they are the right price, I purchase them. They add vertical interest to any space, especially the garden.

An old vintage ladder filled with terra cotta clay pots. #vintageladder #woodladder #antiqueladder #gardendecor
Vintage ladder in the flower garden filled with old terra cotta clay pots.

I have loved adding vintage pieces to the garden for a long time. I wrote a post here on adding vintage junk, how to create a beautiful garden and even landscaping around our doublewide home using vintage antique pieces. To see all of my gardening posts you can visit here. I also share many more photos on my Instagram account.

Vintage garden decor using an old white ladder with terra cotta pots.
Using terra cotta pots in the garden

My Dahlias are looking beautiful in the garden and really starting to grow in height. I will eventually stake them but with all the terra cotta pots I have, I decided to add a few around the Dahlias for a little garden decor.

Use  vintage terra cotta pots as decor in the flower garden.

What about you? Do you enjoy adding vintage finds to your garden decor? Leave me a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Outdoor Vintage Flower Garden Decor

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