Painted Farmhouse Sliding Barn Door

We built a walk in pantry last year in our kitchen area and installed a sliding barn door. I really loved it but the brown always seemed a bit off in our home and so several months ago, I decided to paint it. 

Simple Farmhouse Sliding Pantry Barn Door

The brown door was pretty but it blended to much with the floor and it didn't really end up matching anything else in this area of our home. You will also notice in the next few photos that I moved out the island and moved our kitchen table to this space. It has really opened up our kitchen/dining area and we love that the table is the center of our home.

Simple Farmhouse Style Sliding Barn Door

Our modular home is still a work in progress and as you can tell this area still needs trim on the bottom. I had previously painted all the walls and the trim Simply White but I have to be honest and tell you that the knots were coming through and were noticable on the shiplap walls. I decided to go with a bit of a darker color and after several months of using Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore on the walls, I have seen no knots showing through the paint. 

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak on the wall and White Dove trim

I went with White Dove for the trim and the sliding pantry door. Together these colors make a lovely combination and they really look amazing with the black accent. It took a few coats to paint the pantry door and I chose to leave the rustic indentions that were already on the door. 

Rustic Sliding Barn Door for the Kitchen Pantry painted white.
Organized Walk In Pantry with Sliding Barn Door

I love the outside of the pantry but the interior is still one of my favorite views. I have all the details of the pantry space written out on this post and you can also shop our home for sources. 

Farmhouse Pantry Sliding Barn Door

So, what do you think? Which one is your favorite? The natural wood look or the painted natural tones? 


Sarah Blankenship

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