Painted Green: My Current Color Crush

Can I just tell you that I am loving green? You may have noticed because I have few pieces that are painted green in my home. Apparently, I am not the only one loving green because I am seeing it quite often. I decided to round up a few of my favorite photos from Instagram and share them with you today.

 Photo via  An Inspired Nest

Did you know that the color green relates to balance and harmony? Green is also known for being a positive energy color, it's known to be a color to help reduce stress and bring back a sense of well being.  Green is very relaxing color. Just think about how much a long walk in nature can be so soothing to the soul, your surrounded by a lot of green!

 Photo via  Farmhouse Green

Photo via Farmhouse Green

 Photo via  DominoMag

Photo via DominoMag

 Photo via  Nalles House

Photo via Nalles House

 Photo Via  My Creative Days

I recently went to Ace Hardware, who carries the new Joanna Gaines paint line. I was in awe at all the beautiful green colors in her line. I picked up so many little cards with all the lovely names and brought them home. My personal favorite ended up being a color called Countryside. 

I am currently using the Countryside color to redo this vintage island in our kitchen. I love how well green pairs with all the neutral colors that I love!

Painted Green Furniture. Vintage Green Island painted with Countryside paint color from the Joanna Gaines paint line.

Do you love the color green? I think it is the hot color of the year for 2018 and I believe that we will be seeing a lot more green in home decor. It's a beautiful color that adds a touch of warmth and color to the home. Do you have a piece in your home that needs a pop of green color?

Painted Green Furniture. Is green the new color trend for 2018