Quaint Rustic Garden Shed

A small quaint outdoor gardening shed built from reclaimed lumber, an old door from an auction and a gifted window. It’s just the perfect size for all my gardening tools and other essential garden things.

Small Rustic White Garden Shed | Rocky Hedge Farm

Small Garden Shed DIY

I would imagine that my love of gardening comes from my grandmother and mother. Both of them loved planting flowers and growing them. I remember well that grandmother had a fence built around the front of her home in order to keep the goats out. Those goats were forever wanting to get into all of her flower beds and eat them all.

Once I started creating flower beds for my own home, I found that I also loved adding in elements of interest like rusty old pieces. Galvanized buckets, wooden benches and old watering cans add an element of surprise and beauty all on their own.

Small rustic garden shed decor with wooden window box | Rocky Hedge Farm

Rustic Garden Decor

These images are actually not the most current look of the little rustic garden shed. It has since been moved to our new property and painted black. However, I never have really shared this shed or the story behind it since this was built prior to my blogging days.

Rustic garden window box | Rocky Hedge Farm

Potting Shed

My husband travels away for two weeks every year and that leaves me needing to find something to do in order to help the time pass quickly. I was given access to the free lumber from an old building and decided to build the garden potting shed.

At the time, my youngest brother was living with me and thankfully I had his help to build it. We aren’t construction people, but we built it in two days and managed to get it all together. It’s really small with measurements of 4 foot by 4 foot. It is big enough to put a few shelves in, hang my garden tools, store some potting soil and some of my collection that I have of clay terra cotta pots.

Rustic garden decor old bench and clay terra cotta pots | Rocky Hedge Farm
Rustic garden decor with old wooden bench and clay terra cotta pots | Rocky Hedge Farm

Garden Decor

I really enjoyed decorating the outside of the garden shed. The old bench holds a few of my favorite old clay terra cotta pots and an old birdhouse that I purchased at an auction. The window box was also built from reclaimed lumber pieces and I planted some green and white flowers to match the rest of the garden flowers.

I love creating beautiful and welcoming spaces that I can enjoy outside and that add a welcoming touch to our home.

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