Simple Farm and Home Tuesday - Week 5

Every Tuesday, I link up with my friends Chloe from Boxwood Avenue and Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone to share easy farmhouse, farm and home making ideas that make living a little more simple a bit easier for you.

What is Castile Soap

This week, Chloe, is sharing a very detailed post all about one of her favorite green cleaning supplies. She shares how she uses castile soap in her home and so much more. So be sure to check our her post, What is Castile Soap.

What is Castile Soap

10 Easy Sewing Tutorials for Beginners

Lisa shares a lot of easy sewing tutorials over on blog, and she has rounded up 10 of them for you to try! She does a great job explaining the details, so, head on over and check out her 10 Easy Sewing Tutorials.

Farmhouse Mud Room Makeover

Galvanized Bucket Planters

I am going back and sharing one of my most popular blog posts at this time of the season. I think almost everyone is in a Spring planting mood, and using galvanized buckets, washtubs or other planters is the perfect way to add some beauty to your yard. You can check out all of my tips over on my post, Galvanized Bucket Planters for the Garden.

Galvanized Garden Bucket Planter | Rocky Hedge Farm
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Sarah Blankenship

Rocky Hedge Farm is a simple living blog sharing the journey of a family living in small town USA. A hang laundry on the line, cook from scratch kind of girl, living in a modular home that is being remodeled, Sarah writes about balancing life as a mother, wife, homemaker, and farm girl.

Located in rural Missouri, Sarah keeps the company of her husband, and four children. The days are filled with time spent in the garden, keeping house, working on DIY projects, checking on the bees, and spending time with her husband and their children.