Simple Patriotic Summer Farmhouse

Simple Patriotic Farmhouse Decor

The day before Independence Day, the birthday of our great country. It is one of my favorite holidays for it's patriotic pride of our great country, and for the memories of sitting along the creek bank, swimming, eat delicious picnic food with our large extended family and watching late night fireworks. I am a little late in adding any touches of red, white and blue to our home but I added a few flags and it gave our home just the touch of patriotic pride that it needed.

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Patriotic Farmhouse Decor #Summerfarmhouse @farmhousesummer #patrioticfarmhouse
Simple Summer Farmhouse Decor for July 4th #siplefarmhouse #Farmhousedecor #patrioticfarmhouse
Simple Farmhouse red, White and Blue Decor for July 4th #independenceday #farmhousedecor #patrioticdecor
Farmhouse Fourth of July done in a very simple style #farmhousestyle #patrioticdecor #americanafarmhouse
Americana Farmhouse Style

Our home is very much in the slow remodeling stage and sometimes it is easy to only want to share the perfectly perfect photos around here. I believe in keeping it real so, just look past the "under construction" stage. I think it is important to create a beautiful space regardless of our homes current state.

American Farmhouse Decor for the Fourth of July
Fourth of July Farmhouse Decor
Simple Summer Farmhouse Patriotic Decor

I hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day!


Simple Summer Farmhouse Decor for July Fourth


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