Summer Stovetop Simmer Potpourri

I love a home that smells good! There is something so wonderful about walking in, and being greeted with the fresh smells of the season. The herbs are in abundance from the garden, and while I use them fresh, and I dry some, I thought why not use a few in a stove top simmer?

Just a few ingredients from the garden. a few lemons, a splash of vanilla and some water will have your home smelling amazing with this simple, fresh and easy stove top potpourri recipe.

Use fresh herbs from the garden to make a summertime stovetop simmer. Thyme, Mint, and Rosemary combined with Lemon and Vanilla make your home smell amazing. #diypotpourri #summer #recipe
Use lemon and herbs to create a medley of fresh simmering pot recipes to naturally fragrance your home for summer. #stovetopsimmer #potpourri

Naturally Fragrant Stove Top Simmer for Summer

How does a simmering pot work? It’s super simple! Just slice up the ingredients, place in a small pot and add enough water to cover.. Then place on stove top and set heat to low. Here is what I used in my stove top simmer.

- 2 lemons cut into slices
- sprigs of mint, thyme and rosemary
- 1 tsp vanilla
- water

If you plan to leave it on the stove for awhile, be sure to check the water level occasionally! You don't want your herbs and citrus to burn.

Simmering pots are a simple, all natural way to add fragrance to your home. You can make all sorts of scent combinations from ingredients you can easily find in your garden or pantry. Just add a few herbs, a lemon and some vanilla to this stovetop recipe to have your home smelling good for the summer.

With just a few herbs and some citrus fruit you can make a variety of combinations to make your home smell amazing!

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