Sunday Saves - Farmhouse Inspiration for the Week

Sunday Saves: A Collection of my Favorite Things from the Week

Hello! Welcome to the Sunday Saves series where I share a few things that I am loving this week as well as some photos that have inspired me. Here are the picks for this week!

1. Old Soul Bags

We are tattered but not worn. We are imperfectly perfect, so if it's those perfect lines and stitches that come from the factories in China your looking for, maybe this is not the shop for you. Those are Brenda's words and I love her work. She makes incredibly beautiful aprons and bags. You can also find her on Instagram @oldsoulbags

Old Soul Bag Apron Ticking Stripe Farmhouse #apron #Farmhouseapron #tickingapron
Farmhouse apron from Old Soul Bags #farmhouseapron #apron

I own the ticking apron and love it. It hangs beautifully in the kitchen and is used on a daily basis. It is such a timeless classic farmhouse style apron.

White Farmhouse Cabinet Cupboard #farmhousesimple #farmhousecabinet #farmhousediningroom #farmhousesimple

2. Gaddie + Tood

Robin has one of the most gorgeous homes and she is a talented artist. She created these lovely images and they are free to print, just in time for the summer celebration of Independence Day.

Free Patriotic Printable

Robin also shares beautiful patriotic photos of her home in this post.

American Farmhouse

3. Ozark Mtn. Flower Truck

Say hello to Stella, the beautiful 1970 VW Single Cab! If you are local to Springfield, Mo then this is one of those things that you must experience. We went a few weeks back and it was just wonderful!

Ozark Mtn Flower Truck
Ozark Mtn. Flower Truck

4. @thecobblershoponconcord

This photo stopped me in my tracks and in fact, Jess, has an entire feed of gorgeous photos on her Instagram page. This sign is quite an incredible statement on her wall, wouldn't you agree?


Hope you are having a great week!