Sunday Saves: Cozy Fall and Winter Throw Blankets

Cozy Fall Throw Blankets

Warm and cozy throw blankets are a must have in our home during the colder months. The children wrap up in them to cozy near the fire, read a book or take an afternoon rest. I enjoy curling up under them with a hot cup of coffee in the early mornings or even wrapping one around my shoulders for a few minutes to sit on the porch.

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Farmhouse Fall

Cozy Fall Throw Wool Blanket
Cozy Fall Nuetral Throw Blankets

I love the neutral colored throw blankets because we can use them throughout all the seasons and they blend in beautifully with all decor. Tuck them in baskets, throw them on the edge of the couch, drape them over the arm of a chair, regardless, always keep a warm cozy blanket nearby.

Here are a few cozy throw blankets that I am considering adding to our home this season!

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