Sunday Saves - Inspiring Simple Farmhouse Bedrooms

Sunday Saves: A Collection of my Favorite Things from the Week

Hello! Welcome to the Sunday Saves series where I share a few things that I am loving this week as well as some photos that have inspired me. Here are the picks for this week!

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Our master bedroom is in major need of a makeover and I have been saving ideas for quite some time on this Pinterest board and even some on this one. I love simple and I think that less is more, especially when decorating in the bedroom. I love clean, white, airy spaces and that is what drew me into these gorgeous bedrooms.

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A few other incredibly beautiful elements in these rooms are the shiplap walls, wood floors, farmhouse trim on the windows, the metal beds and the coziest part of all, the layered bedding.

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Farmhouse Bedding

When it comes to making a bed, I love layers and lots of pillows. On our bed currently we have two king size pillows, two standard pillows and throw pillows. I also use a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and a linen blanket in the summer months. In the winter months, I add a duvet, a quilt, and a throw blanket.

So, the current plan for the bedroom is to ship-lap the walls, paint them a bright white, and hopefully find a vintage queen metal bed that I will paint black. As for the bedding here are some options that I am currently deciding on.

Farmhouse Style Bedding: Sheets, Duvets, Pillow Covers and Throw Blankets

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Image Found Here

White and Natural Linen Ticking Farmhouse Bedding

Farmhouse Bedding: Natural Linen Ticking Stripe Duvet Cover, Ticking Striped Bedding, Custom Bedding, Linen
Simple Farmhouse Style Bedding 100% White LInen Sheet Set

Beige and White Farmhouse Ticking Bedding

Ticking Stripe with Grain Sack Cover

Grey & Cream Quilted Farmhouse Style Bedding
Grey & Cream Farmhouse Style Plaid Comforter Cover
Ticking Stripe Filled Pillow with Grain Sack Cover
Cream and Grey Grain Sack Stripe Pillow Farmhouse Bedroom Style.jpg

What is your favorite style for bedroom décor? Do you love the neutral color scheme or do you prefer more color in your space? I would love to hear what you think. 

I hope you all have a great week!

Guide to Neutral Farmhouse Style Bedding
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