Sweet Mint Sun Tea

Sweet Mint Sun Tea

Sweet summer time means sipping sweet iced tea from a mason jar. Making sun tea is so simple and today I will share my recipe for making sweet tea that uses Xylitol and Stevia.

Sugar Free Sweet Tea made with mint, xylitol and stevia. #suntea #greentea #minttea #keto #Paleo #thm #Summerdrinks

Making sun tea is as simple as adding water and tea bags to a jar, putting the lid on and setting it outside in the sun for several hours. There is no exact recipe for sun tea as each person will desire a different sweetness or strength of the tea. My husband and I are living a sugar free lifestyle but we used to be addicted to drinking southern sweet tea, as in I would add two cups of white sugar to a gallon. Sweet tea is one thing we both really missed when we gave up sugar.

Sweet Mint Sun Tea made with Xylitol and Stevia #suntea #greentea #minttea #keto #Paleo #thm #Summerdrinks

In our family of six, I use a 2 gallon jar to make our sun tea. I love using this jar, it has a handle which makes it easy to carry inside and out. It also has a spout making it easy for all of the children to get their own tea.

Sun tea made with Stevia and Xylitol #suntea #greentea #minttea #keto #Paleo #thm #Summerdrinks
Stevia and Xylitol sweetened tea with mint. #suntea #greentea #minttea #keto #Paleo #thm #Summerdrinks

Sweet Mint Sun Tea

This is measurements for a 2 gallon jar so, if you are using a 1 gallon you can cut the recipe in half.
16 green or black tea bags
1 cup of Xylitol - (we only use birchbark Xylitol, otherwise it is probably from GMO corn)
4 tsp of Stevia
Mint leaves, washed and dried (optional)

1. Place the teabags in the jar and fill with water.
2. Place lid on the jar and set in the sun for several hours.
3. Bring jar inside, add the sweetener and stir well.
4. Add the mint leaves and refrigerate for several hours which allows the mint to blend with the tea.
5. Pour tea over ice and enjoy

Sugar Free Tea made with mint, stevia and xylitol #suntea #greentea #minttea #keto #Paleo #thm #Summerdrinks

This sweet tea is so good. I have served it to our friends who are not sugar free and they have loved it. It also passes the approval of everyone in our family which is also a big deal because many of them are picky about the taste of their drinks.

Sweet Mint tea made with xylitol and stevia #suntea #greentea #minttea #keto #Paleo #thm #Summerdrinks