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Everything has a home and it's home is where it should stay. That's a motto in our home and it's one that I love to live by. Living in an organized home saves time and frustration. When you need something you know where to go to find it and you know where to put it back. When it comes to organizing a home there a few things that I really love. One of them being baskets and the other being peg racks also known as peg rails. They are both essential in organization.

Shaker Peg Style Rack Rail

Peg Rail

Peg racks originally come from the Shaker style of life. A Shaker lifestyle was one of simplicity, and was about order and harmony within the home. They often had many peg racks that would line the walls and they were used to hang everything from chairs to baskets, hats, clothes and even brooms. This was a great way to keep things off the floor and to keep the room looking clean and sparse. I am intrigued by the simplicity of the Shaker lifestyle and the intent to keep an orderly home. 

Wooden Shaker Style Peg Rack Rail

Peg Rail

Organization combined with beauty and the function of every day household items is where my love of shaker style peg racks come into my life. They are simplistic in style and when you fill them with the essentials you need to keep a clean home then you have a great combination. Brooms, brushes, dustpans and dusters are all used for the everyday household task of cleaning. Scrubbing toilets, sweeping floors, washing windows and dusting ceiling fans are not a glamorous job and at times can feel like a mundane task. Does it seem odd that I enjoy well made, sustainable and beautiful tools for the job? Maybe so but if I am going to be scrubbing dirt off the floors and grime out of the tub then I believe that even those everyday items should be beautiful.



I crave organization in our home. It keeps things tidy, cleaned and organized. We are currently living in a fixer upper and our laundry room is the room where all the cleaning essentials are stored. The laundry room is still on the waiting list for it's turn at the renovation process and in the mean time I have been saving up ideas for a well organized space. I can assure you that my craving for an organized space will have a peg rail filled with lovely everyday items to make cleaning beautiful and enjoyable. There are many places to purchase peg rails including the ones I linked above and you can even get them handmade.

I believe in sustainability and in recent years have been attempting to make purchases that support mindful companies and even small shops. For me this means moving towards a more earth friendly, zero waste lifestyle in my home. This takes time and one small change at a time. Quality handmade items will often out last the cheap plastic factory versions. Most handmade quality cleaning tools are made from natural materials like horse hair, plant fibers and various types of wood. So beautiful, sustainable and useful? Yes, it can be done and below you will find the list of items that are currently some of my favorites and that are on my to purchase list as well. Happy cleaning, because really it should be a joy filled part of our days. After all we are serving those that we love.

Wooden Handled Dust Pan and Brush

Horsehair Hand Brush and Dust Pan Set

I love this set. It's great for everyday cleaning and is made from the tail and mane of horse. The strong hair is perfect for cleaning. I love that this hand brush and dustpan set is conveniently held together by a magnet

Metal Toilet Brush Holder and Brush

Metal Toilet Brush Holder with Toilet Brush

I just love this set! It has beautiful style and yet functions well in the bathroom for storing the toilet brush. This toilet brush comes with a replaceable head which is a wonderful feature. For me, this means less waste because I am not throwing away an entire brush to buy a new one when the old one wears out.

Horsehair Broom and Stainless Steel Dust Pan Set

Horsehair Broom and Stainless Steel Dust Pan Set

Perfect set for sweeping those dirty spots in the home. I love that this has a stable and tip proof dust pan.

Bristle Scrub Brush

               Bristle Scrub Brush

Heavy duty bristles that allow for some deep cleaning in those tough areas. This already has a hanging hook for storage.

Goat Hair Cobweb Broom

Goat Hair Cobweb Broom

Long handled duster perfect for reaching those hard to get corners and along the ceiling area. 

Goat Hair Table Brush

Goat Hair Table Brush

Ever have those crumbs on the table or counter that you need to clean up? This is the brush with soft bristles that is perfect for that job!




Wooden Handled Leather Flyswatter


Wood Handle Leather Flyswatter

A flyswatter for cleaning? Okay, so maybe not cleaning but it sure helps to kill those pesky flies that like to leave a little black mark on my window seals or light shades. I have purchased so many cheap plastic flyswatters in my day that I could have purchased several of these. 

Horse Hair Broom

Horse Hair Broom

The broom for all your sweeping needs. Ideal for sweeping large surfaces and floors


Heavy Duty Metal Dust Pan
IKEA Socker Bucket

Heavy Duty Black Metal Dust Pan

A heavy duty metal dust pan which is so much better than those cheap plastic ones.




Galvanized Bucket

I am probably considered old fashioned when it comes to mopping my floors but I still with a hot bucket of suds and a rag. 

So what do you think? Do you love beautiful cleaning tools that are neatly organized and within easy finding? Or do you prefer yours to be tucked away in a cleaning closet? I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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Cleaning Essentials for an earth friendly home. Natural brooms and bristles that are sustainable and beautiful. Use a peg rack to keep all of your cleaning supplies organized.

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Sarah Blankenship

Rocky Hedge Farm is a simple living blog sharing the journey of a family living in small town USA. A hang laundry on the line, cook from scratch kind of girl, living in a modular home that is being remodeled, Sarah writes about balancing life as a mother, wife, homemaker, and farm girl.

Located in rural Missouri, Sarah keeps the company of her husband, and four children. The days are filled with time spent in the garden, keeping house, working on DIY projects, checking on the bees, and spending time with her husband and their children.

Farmhouse Kitchen Favorite Essentials

Ever have those days you feel like you spend most of the day in the kitchen? Cooking and cleaning are two of the most time consuming parts of my day. With a large family I work to keep a kitchen that is functional and minimal but I also want a beautiful space to work in with quality products. I’m here to help you get the farmhouse look you love at prices you can hopefully afford. I have done the shopping for you and guess what? So many of the products that I love come from small shops. How amazing is that? There is just something that I love about getting a product from another small shop that is lovingly made with time and effort. You ready to see some of my favorite finds? Let's go shopping together!

Lodge Cast Iron Cookware, Mason Jars and White dishes

Mason jars, white dishes and cast iron skillets are essentials in my kitchen.
Mason jars make the perfect drinking glasses for our family and they also serve as a way to store leftovers in the fridge. When I cook soups or chili I often make extra for the next day. Simply place the cooled leftovers in a jar, put the lid on and stick in the fridge. The next day it is easy to grab and reheat for another meal. Mason jars seem to be the most non breakable glasses that we have ever used and the price of $9.00 for 12 is quite a deal.
Lodge cast iron is the most used cookware in my kitchen. There are so benefits to using cast iron and they are extremely easy to care for.  A well seasoned cast iron skillet is naturally non stick which means no harmful synthetic materials being leaked into your food. We often serve our food still in the skillet at the table and cast iron helps by keeping the food warmer longer than your traditional skillets. Cast iron is long lasting and versatile when it comes to cooking most of the foods we love.

Wood utenils in a white crock
Wood ware spoons, crock and linen

Wooden spoons seem to be a farmhouse style favorite. They are functional and beautiful to leave in a crock on the cabinet. One of my favorite small shops for hand made wooden spoons and cutting boards is We Are Caribou. I have enjoyed having their products in our home and I can honestly say that they are a great quality.
Crocks are another farmhouse kitchen staple for my home. They are used in the kitchen to store my wooden spoons, measuring spoons and sometimes even fresh flowers. We have crocks in our living room cabinet that holds crayons and other school supplies. I love an item that keeps some of supplies hidden and yet pretty. Most of my smaller crocks have come from Cynthia who has a lovely online shop called Harper and Arrow Market. Crocks can also be found at thrift stores and yard sales.

100% linen
linen dish towel.jpg

Linen dish towels. I have made the switch to 100% linen in my kitchen and I didn't realize all the wonderful things about a quality linen towel until I started using them. Did you know that linen is up to two to three times stronger than cotton? It is even stronger when wet and yet it softens with repeated washings. Linen is also lint free which is perfect for drying glasses. Linen is also naturally anti bacterial. Hanging on a hook, or placed in a basket, linen is always a lovely choice for the kitchen.

wood dish rack and linen towel

Would you believe that we don't own a dishwasher? Our home had one when we first moved in but I chose to take it out. We wash dishes after every meal in order to help keep the kitchen clean through out the day. I find that the dishes can be hand washed, dried and put away faster than using the dishwasher and it saves electricity. I currently use a wood dish drying rack that I picked up cheap from a local store but I would love to find a better quality, better made drying rack that is made in the USA. Do you know a good source? If so, leave me a comment.

pantry labels and pantry jars for open kitchen shelving

Glass jars and hand written labels have been a favorite in my kitchen. I love having the jars filled with the most used kitchen staples. I can easily see what needs to be purchased and rarely ever run out of anything. These jars do not seal and so that is the only downfall to having them if your a family that wouldn't use the ingredients in them very often. With a large family I don't ever have an issue with food going stale but I have recently decided that I would like to store some less used dry goods in jars. So, I am on the lookout for a great jar that does seal. Leave me a comment if you have a favorite jar that seals.

*I have since updated my jars. Click here to read about that.

Simple Farmhouse Kitchen Style

What are some of your favorite kitchen items that you love using? Are you a supporter of small shops and have one you would love to share? I would love to hear from you!

farmhouse kitchen essential products

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Sarah Blankenship

Rocky Hedge Farm is a simple living blog sharing the journey of a family living in small town USA. A hang laundry on the line, cook from scratch kind of girl, living in a modular home that is being remodeled, Sarah writes about balancing life as a mother, wife, homemaker, and farm girl.

Located in rural Missouri, Sarah keeps the company of her husband, and four children. The days are filled with time spent in the garden, keeping house, working on DIY projects, checking on the bees, and spending time with her husband and their children.