Healthy Iced Coffee

I am a self proclaimed coffee junkie. The kind that stumbles to the coffee pot first thing in the morning and I consume at least 2 cups before any kind of motivation sets in for the day. Anyone else with me?

I used to drink my coffee with a dose of sugar and dollop of cream but I changed my eating habits and kicked sugar to the curb last summer so I started drinking my morning coffee black. It took several days to get used to drinking my coffee this way but I believe that it also created a coffee snob in me. I can taste the difference in various brands of coffee and I prefer organic freshly ground coffee. Coffee snob..maybe..but it fuels my day and I am okay with that.

When the weather is warm I enjoy a large glass of iced coffee but I prefer it sweet and in a Mason jar. Everything tastes better in a Mason jar, right? Can you believe that there is such a thing as healthy iced coffee? Well there is and I love the taste!

THM Iced Coffee low fat low carb sugar free

Iced Coffee

1 scoop Whey Protein
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 cup coffee
Sweetener of choice - I use Gentle Sweet
Dash of Caramel extract
Dash of Vanilla extract
Tiny pinch of Celtic Sea Salt
Optional: 1-2 T. heavy whipping cream (if doing THM this would make the drink a S)

Combine the almond milk, sweetener, caramel, vanilla and whey protein into a mixer.
Combine well.
Take a quart jar and fill it about halfway with ice.
Pour 1 cup of coffee over the ice.
Pour in the mixture from the blender.



Sarah Blankenship

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