Vintage Sewing Table Makeover

I made a stop in at my favorite local thrift store a few days, and I just about walked out empty handed. Then, my eyes spotted this vintage sewing table underneath a big box and I just knew that the shape of the table was perfect, and for $6.00 I brought it home.

DIY Chalk Paint Sewing Table Makeover| VIntage Sewing Table | End Table Makeover | Rocky Hedge Farm

Sewing Table Cabinet Makeover

Sewing tables are generally easy to come by at local thrift stores, but many of them have curved legs or ornate details that I don’t like very well. I am very drawn to furniture pieces that have simple, straight lines. I knew that the shape of the table was a perfect fit for our home, but the color and the knobs were not things that I liked about this table.

DIY Plaster of Paris Furniture Chalk Paint | Vintage Sewing Table Cabinet Makeover | Rocky Hedge Farm

Painting a Vintage Sewing Table

The very first thing that I did was make up my own DIY chalk paint in one of my favorite colors, Foggy Day, by Edward Dunn. Then, I took the knobs off the front, and I began painting the entire table.

Since I used chalk paint there was no sanding before I began painting. I did two coats of chalk paint and then used a 220 sanding block to sand the piece down to a smooth finish. I then applied another coat of chalk paint and did a final sanding with the 220 sanding block. When sanding chalk paint, it is not a labor intensive process, it’s actually a very quick process. It’s a very light sanding to create a smooth, matte finish.

DIY Chalk Painted Farmhouse Table Makeover - Chalk Paint Recipe - Spring Farmhouse Decor Vignette | Rocky Hedge Farm
DIY Chalk Paint Recipe with Plaster of Paris -Spring Farmhouse Table End Table - Night Stand Decor | Rocky Hedge Farm

DIY Thrift Store Sewing Table Makeover

After the entire table was painted, I used the sanding block to distress a few of the areas. Then, I changed out the original hardware to wooden knobs that I painted. I found these knobs at my local hardware store, but you can find them online. They can be purchased in a wide variety of sizes, and I have used them on a variety of my furniture makeovers. I like that they lend themselves to the shaker style, which I love!

How Do I Seal a Chalk Paint Finish

I have tried a lot of waxes and sealers for chalk paint, and my favorite is the water based Polycrylic in the clear matte finish. I have never had it yellow any of my pieces and it doesn’t leave a high shine finish. I just follow the directions on the back of the can.

DIY Chalk Paint Recipe + Sewing Table Makeover Farmhouse Spring Decor | Spring Vignette | Rocky Hedge Farm

Before and After | Vintage Chalk Painted Sewing Table

DIY Chalk Paint Sewing Table Makeover
DIY Chalk Paint Recipe + Sewing Table Makeover Farmhouse Spring Decor.JPG

Spring Farmhouse Vignette

I really tried to pull a few elements together that I thought felt like Spring. My family loves nature and when Spring finally arrives, we love to do a lot of bird watching. So, I brought out a few of our favorite bird books, some vintage ironstone, a found bird nest and even a few vintage flower frogs.

When it comes to decorating, I like to keep things functional, pretty and simple. I also enjoy using pieces that have meaning for our family. One of the books belonged to my husbands grandfather, it was his school book when he was a little boy. The Hills of Home book is made up of many photos and stories from Arkansas, and it has photos in it of my mother when she was a little girl. It also has stories and photos of many of my family members from years ago. It’s a special book in our home.

Spring Farmhouse Vignette | Birds Nest and Ironstone | Rocky Hedge Farm
Vintage Farmhouse Spring Decor - End Table Living Room Decor How to Decorate an End Table | Rocky Hedge Farm
DIY Chalk Painted Farmhouse Table Makeover - Chalk Paint Recipe - Spring Farmhouse Decor | End Table | Night Stand Vignette | Rocky Hedge Farm

I love that using chalk paint, and switching out two original pieces of hardwood can totally transform a piece of furniture! I hope that this gives you the courage to see what a piece can be with just a bit of work. Happy painting, friends!

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DIY Vintage Sewing Table Cabinet Makeover with DIY Chalk Paint Recipe | Rocky Hedge Farm