Simple and Easy Ways to Show Hospitality

In every season of our lives, we can show some form of hospitality. We live in a hurried world and everyone is so busy that we have forgotten the old-fashioned value of being hospitable. I recently shared my thoughts on hospitality and today we will take a look at  some simple and easy ways you can show hospitality.

Have you seen images or do you remember the days when the neighbors would gather together on the front porch? Friends would sit on the porch swing, the porch steps, and the children would be out playing games or catching fireflies? I consider myself relatively young (36) but I have gotten to experience that kind of evening. I can tell you that they are truly memorable but we must be intentional about making them happen. Hospitality must be intentional and it is something that we need to think about and make happen so that we form relationships with those around us. 

Forget the idea of a huge meal

It isn't always necessary to prepare a huge meal to feed your company. Maybe you don't like to cook or maybe you are on a tight budget, so here are some simple ideas. Often times your guest(s) will ask if they can bring something along and this is the perfect time to allow them to help. 

  • have an ice cream night and ask your guest to each bring a different topping
  • invite a friend over for coffee or go meet a friend for coffee at a local coffee shop
  • have a s'smores night 
  • have a game night with some of your friends and just serve something to drink and desserts

These are just a few ideas where a big meal wouldn't be a priority, yet you are setting aside time to be intentional about serving others.

Simple and Easy Ways to Show Hospitality

serve others outside your home

There are many in our neighborhoods who sometimes just need a gentle loving reminder that we care for them. Maybe they aren't able to meet in your home, so go to them. 

  • Visit the elderly. We have several in our community who aren't able to get out much but they love when we stop by for a visit. Sometimes, we will take walks in the evenings and stop to visit for a few minutes. It means so much to them.
  • Take a meal or dessert to a new mom or a mom that you may know is burdened or worn out. It happens to all of us at times and maybe you won't even need to stop for a long visit. Think about dropping off her favorite treat or maybe even a coffee from her favorite local shop. 
  • Bake cookies to send to your husbands work. The guys at my husbands' job love when I do this and sometimes I even get requests for homemade cinnamon rolls

There are many ways that you can show hospitality outside of your home. Listen to that still small voice inside of you when it prompts you to show someone that you care about them. 

open your home

  • Offer to babysit. I truly believe in still dating your spouse even after you are married. Many couples are so busy and don't take the time to go out together. Offer to watch their children so that they can go out and enjoy some time alone. 
  • Take the children on an outing and offer to take a few extra children with you. Mothers rarely get time alone and I have a dear friend who will do this from time to time. While I don't like the still and quiet of the home for long, I sure appreciate the few hours I get to myself. 
  • If you have teenagers in the home, invite their friends over. I promise that they aren't as scary as what people say they are. They can get loud and hyper but I would rather they all be at our home, where I know what they are doing and that they are safe. 
  • Have a game night or an evening where you get together with friends and allow the children to play. It can be refreshing to sit around and visit with other adults. 

be mindful

There are so many ways to show hospitality but I think the most important thing to do is to be mindful of what is going on around us. Sometimes, you will just feel it laid upon your heart to do something for someone or to invite someone over. Do it. Don't ignore that small nudge. Life can get so hard and at times someone just needs you to come along and offer some encouragement. Maybe, you are that person that is being called upon to show hospitality.

Don't wait for your cupboards to be full or your home to be perfect. Offer what you have and simply open your door and your heart to love on those around you. 

Is hospitality something that you practice? If so, what are some ways that you show hospitality?

Hospitality: What it Means to Me

Hospitality. What image just came to your mind? Was it an immaculate home, a fancy table setting with a prepared gourmet meal? I have personally been really convicted about the value of serving others and creating meaningful personal relationships with those around me. 

Hospitality: The Art of Serving Others

We live in a world where beautiful images in a magazine often make our own homes feel inadequate. We wonder if our table setting will be good enough, we fret over the meal that we may have to prepare and we wonder if our house is clean enough. But, what if, it goes beyond the perfection we have in our minds? 

What does it mean to have a hospitable home?  Learning what hospitality looks like in a busy and needy world.

How many times have you thought, "I would like to have someone over, but...." Fear sets in and you wonder if you have the skills, the time, the things to make your home hospitable. I have been there. I know those thoughts and I know those excuses. I like to think of those excuses as a form of counterfeit hospitality. Hospitality is not about me, as the host, it isn't about what I own, the size of my house, or what kind of meal I can or can not cook. Hospitality is about the joy of serving those in our home and even those outside our home. It is about forming relationships with other people, showing them love, grace, generosity, and kindness. 

The Art of Serving Others. The gift of Hospitality

I recently met an older lady who has the gift of hospitality. As she spoke, I could feel the love that she had for other people and it was a joy to hear of how she served others. It really made me stop and think about how our family has been given so much from the Lord. Yet, I have been so reluctant to share our home and lend our families friendship to others, especially those who need it the most. Isn't there a yearning in all of us to connect and to have those meaningful relationships.? Yet, I allow those thoughts of doubt to creep into my mind. What will they think of our home? It is still a home that is being remodeled and I think, "I will wait until our home is finished" then I will invite people over. Inviting people into our homes will cost us. It will cost our time, service and sacrifice and it is easy to focus on the difficulties of being hospitable. Yet, we are called to show the love of Christ with gratitude through hospitality.

The gift of hospitality

So, I began to pray that God would use our home and that God would allow us to be available and open to those in need. And then things all of a sudden began to happen. There was a day where my husband and I were in the middle of installing new kitchen lights, there was a knock at the door, and I answered. It was a young man who is a known to have problems with drugs, he lives in a home that most would consider inhabitable. His girlfriend is pregnant and yet he knew that he needed to find a job. We stopped what we were doing to sit and visit with him, to encourage him. He didn't stay long, and when he left, I was near tears. A known drug addict just entered the home of the only pastor in town. Isn't that what it is about? No fancy meal was served, there was a hole cut in the ceiling, tools scattered on the kitchen table and yet at that moment we could show hospitality. I don't say that to glorify us. It was humbling to me and I was thankful for the message that God was sharing with my heart. It's not about me, it's not about my home, it is about showing hospitality the way God desires. 

Hospitality: The Art of Serving Others

In the past two weeks, our family has shared our home with multiple families, served meals at our table, invited a couple for a game night, prayed with a wife who is in a broken marriage, and enjoyed the company of our teenagers' friends. Hospitality has taken on a new meaning for me and I am thankful that God has changed my heart. He is allowing me to see hospitality as a ministry and I believe that opening our home is a biblical command and a privilege. Our home is humble and small, yet it is clean. The food I serve is simple but nourishing and I am honored that the Lord has opened my eyes to the beauty and joy of sharing it with those around me. 

Hospitality: to honor and obey God with what He gives us by serving others around us. 


Do you have a desire to be hospitable or is this something that comes naturally to you? I recently shared several simple and easy ways that you can practice hospitality.

1 Peter 4:9 Show hospitality to one another without grumbling